Thursday, December 12, 2019

Ryusoulger Refrence Images

I haven’t blogged for a long while, but here I am with a small update hopefully me and others can use. Ryusoulger has lots of Ryu So Cool formations for their mecha! I like to be accurate putting them together! Thus I need some visual reminders every once in a while. So here are the major modes  for the Ryusoulger mecha!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gosei Knight, Leon Cellular Codes

Posting this list is almost purely for my own convenience, so I can find this list readily. For everyone else -- it repeats what I found on a Youtube Video, by ShukuenShinobi, with all the codes for Gosei Knights Leon Cellular. (Someone else gave the codes to him, and I'm copy and pasting the codes here. Appologies - I just wanted to have a convenient place to find the list!)

010 - Summon! Leon Laser!
848 - Summon! Vulcan Headder!
393 - Summon! Sealeon Headder!
414 - Summon! Skion Headder!
383 - Summon! King Voice Headder!
262 - Summon! Knight Brother!
151 - Summon! Sealeon!
242 - Summon! Skion!
737 - Summon! Skick Power!
585 - Summon! Seaick Power!
676 - Summon! Landick Power!
828 - Summon! Mystic Power!
909 - Summon! Exotic Power!
292 - Summon! Miracle Gosei Power!
121 - Summon! Ultimate Power!
181 - Dynamic! Leon Laser!
474 - Knight Dynamic! (Sound Effects)
535 - Change! GoseiKnight!
717 - Change! Groundion!
202 - Explosion! Knightick Power!
303 - Spark! Knightick Power!
404 - Splash! Knightick Power!
505 - Focus! Knightick Power!
606 - Outbreak! Knightick Power!
707 - Expand! Knightick Power!
353 - Combine! GoseiGround!
525 - Dual Combine!
656 - Ultimate Combine!
919 - Victory Charge!
797 - Ultimate Charge!
030 - Search!
050 - Call!
131 - Tatakae! Goseiger!
838 - Tatakae! GoseiKnight!
616 - Tatakae! Groundion!
272 - Tatakae! GoseiGround!
232 - Super Sentai Battle Dice-O!
969 - Tensou Sentai Goseiger!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gokaiger Mobirates and Gokai Cellular Codes Translations

As reported on MMPRToys Youtube Channel, Bigbadtoystore has Gokaiger Mobirates morphers in stock! BUT: These are not the Japanese versions - they are "Bandai Asia" versions They are essentially the "Legendary Mobilates" version, which is notorious for adding Codes, but more importantly deleteing codes!!! The one AT BBTS has the exact same casing as the original Mobirates -- but not the same soundboard. The sound is also lower than the original. Still, at $45, that's pretty good, considering how much the original Mobirates costs on ebay, and such. Click here for the Bandai Asia version. Click here for the Gokai Cellular.

WARNING: I just got the Gokai Cellular and Mobirates in the mail from BBTS. The Mobirates, like warned, is the Bandai Asia version, and has lower volume. BUT - Its nothing compared to how much the Cellular (also Bandai Asia version) stinks. The volume is also lower - but to a bigger degree. Doesn't help that speaker placement is on the back, or the moving gears of the faux scanner. Yet, even facing you, I find myself putting my ear right up to the speaker. I'm really almost tempted to ask for a return! If you bought it, and want to return it - tell them that the listing (as of now, 7/31/2015) DOES NOT mention that its a Bandai Asia version. Get your money back, if desired. I'm, frankly, conflicted.

Note, affordable Japanese Ranger Keys (coming in sets of 5), are available on Amazon.

I ordered both the Mobirates and the Gokai Cellular -- and, not speaking Japanese, I wanted to know what the devices where saying, exactly.

BUT, to my utter dismay, there is no good offical list of codes and translations online! There are PLENTY of Youtube videos -- but, when using these toys, I'd REALLY appreciate an actual list (in front of me) to read.

So I went online to find as much info as I can. If I get anything wrong, please tell me. I'll try and denote differences between the Mobirates and Legendary/Bandai Asia Version.

Gokaiger Mobirates

0001 - 0036 say the name of the team. To hear the second phrase, listed below, you have to enter a key.

0001 - "Goranger"
"Gonin Sorrote! Gooooranger!"
[Five people assembled! Gooooooranger!]
Press a third time to hear full team name

0002 - "JAKQ"
"Warera JAKQ! Dengekitai!"
[We are JAKQ! Blizkrieg Squad!]

0003 - "Battle Fever"
"Battle Fever J!"

0004 - "Denjiman"
"Miyo! Denshi Sentai! Denziman!"
[Behold! Electronic Sentai! Denziman!]

0005 - "Sun Vulcan"
"Kagayake! Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan!"
[Shine! Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan!]

0006 - "Goggle Five"
"Tatakae! Dai Sentai! Goggle-V!"
[Fight! Great Sentai! Goggle-V!]

0007 - "Dynaman"
"Kagaku Sentai! Dynaman!"
[Scientific Sentai! Dynaman!]

0008 - "Bioman"
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Choudenshi Bioman!"
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Super-Electronic Bioman!]

0009 - "Changeman"
"Dengeki Sentai! Changeman!
[Electric Shock Sentai! Changeman!]

0010 - "Flashman"
"Choushinsei Flashman!"
[Supernova Flashman!]

0011 - "Maskman"
"Hikari Sentai! Maskman!"
[Laser (Light) Sentai! Maskman!]

0012 - "Liveman"
"Choujyuu Sentai! Liveman!"
[Super Beast Sentai! Liveman!]

0013 - "Turboranger"
"Kousoku Sentai! Turboranger!"
[High Speed Sentai! Turboranger!]

0014 - "Fiveman"
"Chikyuu Sentai! Fiveman!"
[Earth Sentai! Fiveman!]

0015 - "Jetman"
"Choujin Sentai! Jetman!"
[Bird-man Sentai! Jetman!]

0016 - "Zyuranger"
"Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger!"
[Dinosaur Sentai Zyuranger!]

0017 - "Dairanger"
"Ten ni kagayaku itsuboshi! Gosei Sentai! Daiiiiranger!"
[Blazing the sky are five stars! Gosei Sentai! Daiiiiranger!]

0018 - "Kakuranger"
"Hito ni kakurete aku o kiru! Ninja Sentai! Kakuranger!"
[Hiding from people and slashing evil! Ninja Sentai! Kakuranger!]

0019 - "Ohranger"
"Chouriki Sentai! Ohranger!"
[Super-Powered Sentai! Ohranger!]

0020 - "Carranger"
"Tatakau koutsuu anzen! Gekisou Sentai Caaaaaaranger!"
[Fight for traffic safety! Gekisou Sentai! Caaaaaranger!]

0021 - "Megaranger"
"Denji Sentai! Megaranger!"
[Electromagnetic Sentai! Megaranger!]

0022 - "Gingaman"
"Ginga wo tsuranuku densetsu no yaiba! Seijyuu Sentai! Ginnnnngaman!"
[We pierce through the galaxy with legendary blades! Seijyuu Sentai! Ginnnnnngaman!]

0023 - "Gogo V"
"Hito no inochi wa chikyuu no mirai! Moeru rescue tamashii! Kyuukyuu Sentai! GoGoooooFive!"
[People's lives are the future of the Earth! Burning rescue spirits! Kyuukyuu Sentai! GoGooooFive]

0024 - "Timeranger"
"Mirai Sentai! Timeranger! Jikan hogo hou ihan de taihosuru!"
[Furture Sentai! Timeranger! You're under arrest for violating the Time Protection Law!]

0025 - "Gaoranger"
"Inochi aru tokoro seigi no otakebi ari! Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger!"
[Where there is life, there is a roar of justice! Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger!]

0026 - "Hurrcanger"
"Hito mo shirazu yo mo shirazu, kage to narite aku o utsu! Ninpuu Sentai Hurrrrricaneger!"
[Unknown even to others, unknown even to the world, we become shadows to defeat evil! Ninpuu Sentai Hurrrrricaneger!]

0027 - "Abaranger"
"Ababuru Dino Guts! Bakuryuu Sentai Abaaaaaranger!"
[Turbulent/Malevolent/Tough/Wild Dino Guts! Bakuryuu Sentai Abaaaaaaranger!]

0028 - "Dekaranger"
"S.P.D.! Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger!"

0029 - "Magiranger"
"Afureru yuuki o mahou ni kaeru! Mahou Sentai Magiranger!"
[This overflowing courage changes to magic! Mahou Sentai Magiranger!]

0030 - "Boukenger"
"Hate naki bouken spirits! GoGo Sentai! Bouuuuukenger!"
[Endless adventuring spirits! GoGo Sentai Bouuuuukenger!]

0031 - "Gekiranger"
"Moetatsu Gekiwa seigi no akashi! Juken Sentai Gekiranger!"
[Our blazing Geki is the proof of justice! Juken Sentai Gekiranger!]

0032 - "Go-onger"
"Seigi no Rōdo o tsukisusumu! Enjin Sentai Gōonjā"
[Persevering on the Road of Justice! Engine Sentai Go-onger!]

0033 - "Shinkenger"
"Tenka gomen no Samurai Sentai! Shinkenjā, mairu!"
[The Samurai Sentai authorized by providence! Shinkenger! Going Forth!]

0034 - "Goseiger"
"Hoshi o mamoru wa tenshi no shimei! Tensou Sentai! Gooooseiger!"
[Protecting the planet is an Angel's duty! Tensou Sentai! Goooooseiger!]

0035 - "Gokaiger"
"Kaizoku Sentai Goookaiger!"

0036 - "Go-Busters" {Legendary/Asia version only}
"Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters!"

0101 - "Akemashite Omedetou" [Happy New Year] {Phrase is different}
Changed to: "Kyou Wa, Oshogatsu! Happy New Year! [Today is New Years! Happy New Year!]

0120 - random beeping {Removed from Legendary/Asia version; ...I think. It does beeb error sound}

0223 - "Minna! Konnichiwa!" [Good Afternoon everyone] {Removed from Legendary/Asia version}

0414 - Special Mode plays back every sentai team name
Supesyaru Moodo! Zen Sentai mei o yomiage! [Special Mode! Read the Names of all Sentai Out Loud!]

0508 - "Okaasan, Otousan, Itsumo Arigatou!" [Mother, Father. Thank you always] can also be activated by entering 0619 {Removed from Legendary/Asia version}

0730 -- "Super Hero Time! Gokaiger! Hajimaru zo!" [Super Hero Time! Gokaiger! Begins!] {Removed from Legendary/Asia version}

0833 -- "Minna! Oyasumi!" [Good Night, Everyone] {Removed from Legendary/Asia version}

0840 - "Minna! Ohaiyou!" [Good Morning, Everyone] {Removed from Legendary/Asia version}

1111 - "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger" {Removed from Legendary/Asia version}

0223 - "Mina, konichiwa!" ["Hello, everyone!"] {Removed from Legendary/Asia version}

0508 - "Okaa-san! Otou-san! Itsumo arigato!" ["Mother! Father! Thank you always!"] (NOTE: 0619 provides the same response.) {Removed from Legendary/Asia version}

5081 - "Gokaiger! Ouen Yoroshiku!" ["Nice to meet you, Gokaiger!"] {Removed from Legendary/Asia version}

5501 - "Hasshin! Gokai Galleon!..." ["Launch Gokai Galleon!"]  {I believe this was removed from Legendary/Asia version}

0120 - [Gokaiger ring-tone automatically sounds three times, as opposed to singly when the ENTER key is pressed by itself without entering a code first]

0101 - Kyou Wa, Oshogatsu! Happy New Year! {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is New Years! Happy New Year!]

0203 - Kyou wa, setsubun! Fukuoji Omiwasato! {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is Setsubun (end of winter holiday)!]

0214- Kyou wa, barentine's dee! Suki na ko iru? {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is Valentina's Day! Is there a Girl you Like?]

0314- Kyou wa, howaito dee! Suki no ko iru? {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is White Day! Is there a Girl you like?]

0505- Kyou wa, kodomo no hi! Okiku natta ne. {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is Children's Day! You grew up!]

0707- Kyou wa, tanabete! Amanogawa, mieru ka na? {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is Tanabata! (Weaver Festival) I wish you could see the Milky Way!]

1031- Kyou wa, harowin! Okaski moratta? {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is Halloween! Did you get Candy?]

1115- Kyou wa, shichigosan! Okiku natta ne! {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3) You grew up!]

1224 - "Merry Christmas" {This changed to a longer phrase, denoting Christmas Eve}
Changed to: Kyou wa, Kurisumasu Ibu! Santa Kurouzu kuru ka na? Tanoshimi!
[Today is Christmas Eve! Did Santa Clause come? Fun!]

1225- Kyou wa, Kurisumas! Yuk wa furu ka na furu ka na? {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is Christmas! Will it snow? Will it snow?]

1231- Kyou wa, Oomisoka! Koto mo minna, ichinen, arigatou! {Legendary/Asia Only}
[Today is New Year's Eve! Thank you all for this Year!]

{The Following where removed from the Bandai Asia and Legend Mobilates Versions}
1992 - "Gattai! Daizyujin! Tatakae!" [Combine! Daizyujin! Fight!]
2001 - "Gattai! GaoKing! Hasshin!" [Combine! Gaoking! Launch!]
2002 - "Gattai! Senpuujin! Ganbare!" [Combine! Senpuujin! Good Luck!]
2003 - "Gattai! Abarenoh! Gabare!" [Combine! Abarenoh! Good luck!]
2004 - "Gattai! Dekaranger Robo! Ikuze!" [Combine! Dekaranger Robo! Lets Go!]
2005 - "Gattai! Magiking! Ganbare!" [Combine! Magiking! Good Luck!]
2008 - "Gattai! Engineoh! Tatakae!" [Combine! Engineoh! Fight!]
2009 - "Gattai! Shinkenoh! Hasshin!" [Combine! Shinkenoh! Launch!]
2010 - "Gattai! Gosei Great! Ikuze!" [Combine! Gosei Great! Lets go!]
2011 - "Gattai! Gokaioh! Tatakae!" [Combine! Gokaioh! Fight!]
2222 - "Ikuze! Gokaioh!" [Lets go! Gokaioh!]
3333 - "GokaiMachine! Gokai Ni-Hasshin!" [GokaiMachine! Heroic Launch!]
4444 - "Ranger Key wo ippai Irete Mawasou!"
5091 - "Hasshin! GokaiMachine!" [Launch! GokaiMachine!]
5555 - "Tatakae! Gokaioh!" [Fight! Gokaioh!]
6666 - "Atarashi Senshi no toujouda! Minna! Ouen Yoroshiku!" [Everyone! A new warrior has arrived! Nice to meet you!]
7777 - "Super Sentai Series! Minna! Ouen Yoroshiku!" [Super Sentai Series! Everyone! Nice to meet you!]
8888 - "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger! Ouen Yoroshiku!" [Pirate Sentai Gokaiger! Nice to meet you!]
9999 - "Tatakae! Gokaiger!" [Fight Gokaiger!]
9130 - "Data Cardass! Super Sentai Battle Dice-O!"

Entering Keys

AkaRed Key
Densetsu no Aka Senshi!
[The Legendary Red Warrior]

The 5 Gokaiger Keys (Red,Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink)
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger! Hade ni ikuze! [Let's make this showy!]
Also gives individual colored names. No other Team Key Set does this. {Original Version Only}

Gokai Silver Key
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger?
Here comes the New Warrior! {Original Version Only}

Gingin ni ikuze! [Let's do this enthusiastically I am on the Silver Spotlight!] {Bandai Asia/Legendary Version}

Entering a Kamen Rider OOO Key
{This changed, removing name Kamen Rider, I think}

{Original Version Only}
This enters Versus Mode. It should say a phrase, and then expect you to enter two keys (one after another). If you put in two Rangers (example, Go-On Red and Shinken Red), it will confirm that they where in a versus movie.

{Legendary/Asia Version only}
Enters Sentai Encyclopedia mode
Enter a Key, and it will say the name and give a short blurb about the series

Here are the translations for what you hear when you use these keys

Super Sentai Shiraberu Moodo!
[Super Sentai Examine (Investigation) Mode!]

Goranger-The First Super Sentai, who fight the Black Cross Army.
JAKQ - Cyborg Warriors made by the ISSIS.
Battle Fever - Warriors who Fight using the world's Dances
Denjiman - Warriors who fight using Planet Denji's science.
Sun Vulcan - Warriors who fight with the Power of the Sky, Sea, and Land.
Goggle V - Warriors who fight using rhythmic gymnastics.
Dynaman - Young Scientists who fight against evil.
Bioman - Warriors who fight with Bodies brimming with bio particles.
Changeman - Warriors who fight with the Power of legendary beasts.
Flashman - Warriors who fight with the Power of the Prism.
Maskman - Warriors who transform and fight using Aura Power.
Liveman- Warriors who fight using weapons made by science.
Turboranger - High School Students Chosen as warriors to protect the earth.
Fiveman - All Five are Teachers in School and Siblings.
Jetman - Warriors who fight using Birdonice Waves.
Zyuranger - Warriors who fight alongside Guardian Beast.
Dragonranger - The Brother of the Tyranno Ranger.
Dairanger - Warriors who Transformed using chi Power.
Kakuranger - Decedents of Ninjas who Fight Using ninpo Power.
Ohranger - Warriors who fight using the Super Power of an Ancient Civilization.
Carranger - Warriors who Transform and Fight Using Carmagic Power.
Megaranger - Warriors who protect the Earth from the Invasion of Nejire Beasts.
Gingaman - Legendary Warriors who Fight with the Power of Earth.
GoGo V - The Rescue Team who Fights the Calamity Demon Clan.
Timeranger - Warriors who Fight against enemies who fled from the future.
Gaoranger - Warriors who fight alongside Power Animals.
Hurricaneger - Warriors who Fight with Ninjutsu and Science combined, Chou-Ninpo.
Goraiger - Warriors who fight with Jinrai-Style Ninpo.
Shurikenger - The ultimate ninja Mastered Hayate-Style and Ikazuchi-Style Ninpo.
Abaranger - Warriors who fight alongside Bakuryuu using Dino Guts.
Dekaranger - Space Police Detectives who Fight Space Criminals.
Magiranger - Siblings who fight using the Power of Magic.
Boukenger - Adventurers who fight to protect Precious.
Gekiranger - Warriors who Fight using Geki Jyuken.
Go-Onger - Warriors who fight alongside engines against polluting enemies.
Go-On Wings - Siblings Fight alongside Go-Onger
Shinkenger - Samurai who Fight using Mojikara and Origami.
Goseiger - Gosei Angels who fight using Tensou Techniques.
Gosei Knight - The Warrior who awakened from 10,000 year sleep to fight alongside Goseiger.
Gokaiger - Space Pirates who fight the Space Empire Zangyack.
Go-Busters - New Heroes who fight alongside Buddyroids.
AkaRed - The Mysterious warrior who inherits the soul of red.

Gokai Silver's Gokai Cellular

Enter Phone Mode by Pressing GokaiSilver's Face Twice (the second button). You'll hear "Denwa Mode", or "Phone Mode" Then you can enter codes, always ending with pressing GoseiKnight's face (the first button) to confirm your code selection.

123 or 321
Gooooookai Silver Onen yoroshiku! [Gooookai Silver! Best of luck!]

456 or 654
Goooookai Spear!

789 or 987
Goooookai Silver! Gold Mooooode!

444 or 414
Gooooookai ni tatakae! Gooookai Silver! [Fight with heroism! Gooookai Silver!]


194 or 491
Goooooookai Spear! Anchor Moooooode! Gokai ni ikuze! [Goooookai Spear! Anchor Mooooode! Let's do it heroically!]

Let's Go! Gooookaiger!

777 or 258
Goooookai Spear! Gun Mooooode! Gokai ni hanate! [Gooookai Spear! Gun Mooooode! Heroic Shot!]

084 or 840
Good Morning! Gokai ni orkiro! [Good Morning! Wake up and be a hero!]

666 or 333
Goooookaiger! Hade ni ouen yoroshiku! [Goooookaiger! Give them your best cheer!]

999 or 833
Tearai iu gai wasureru na yo! [Don't forget to wash your hands and gargle!]

Hasshin! GoZyuDrill! [Launch! GoZyuDrill!]



Special Mooooode! [Says names of all the 6th Rangers in a Row, though mixing up order of Shinken Gold and Go-On Wings]

880 or 889
Haya oshi game! Gokai ni start! [Fast Press Game! Heroic Start!]
This enter you into a game mode, where you press the corresponding Ranger with the correct name.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ninninger Toy Reviews

I swore I wasn't going to get into it this season -- but the announcement and release of Lion Ha Oh just impressed me so much, I decided to dip my toe into Ninninger's mecha and toy line.

BTW -- Lion Ha Oh is an expensive beast if you're ordering it from overseas. Shipping alone could double the price, because its so large. BUT -- there are solutions! Bigbadtoystore has the item (now a pre-order; might not be later), for $109. I think shipping is $10. Amazon, also, has Lion Ha Oh available for $120, with free shipping. The price of over a $100 is big; but this is a BIG toy!

For now, though, I wanted to give my thoughts on what I received today: Shurikenjin, the Ichibanto, and the Goton NinShuriken!


This robot is a mess -- but in a good way! It draws from different Super Sentai themes, and puts them all together.

A bullet train,

a dog,

a dragon,

a Shinobi,

and a Dump Truck.

What holds it all together is an original idea for Sentai -- that of a small robot controlling a larger robot. Its a wacky idea, but it works!

The robots individually are wonderful - with great paint detail. There might not be a lot of articulation -- like for Shinobimaru, but it all gets the job done.

Shinobimaru fits tightly into the throne chair of Shurkenjin -- squeezing the controls into his hands is a bit of a challenge, but not that difficult.

Once you have put Shurkenjin together, snap the head Shuriken into place to hear a wonderful little jingle. The Shurikens, I have to point out, don't have that great of volume to them. You can hear them fine -- but its not a booming jingle you hear.

For the Shuriken, you can change the outer disk from Red to Blue. Don't tug on it, though -- there is a release button on the side, which you can press to release the disk from the core.

You can place Shurikenjin into a new mode, after changing the outer disk, into Dragon Mode. Simply switch places of Shinobimaru, making him into the new arm, and place Dragonmaru into the throne chair. Bend his very posable legs into a crouching position. Snap the Shuriken head onto Dragonmaru's head -- and you get a new jingle, and moving mouth.

WARNING: when detaching the Shuriken core from Dragon Mode's head, remember to press the release buttons on Dragonmaru's head. On either side is a release button; I nearly just pulled mine off by accident.

This robot is a lot of fun - and armament additions, some of them already released, like Paonmaru, UFOmaru, and Surfermaru look like they will increase the fun factor!

You could wait for prices to drop, after the series is over, to get a better deal on Shurikenjin -- but around $66 is a good price, which is what I got it for.


The sword weapon of the series, the Ichibanto, acts as both weapon and morpher for the Ninninger. The sword is, as usual, shortened and has a non-deadly edge to it - so it should be a fun toy for kids. As for collectors and fans of the show -- the size isn't all that bad, over all, and weights well in your hand using it.

Like with the Shuikens themselves - the sound of the weapon isn't as loud as I was expecting it to be. To hear it properly, while holding it, make sure your hand isn't covering the speaker on the hilt.

You get 3 different sounds by pressing buttons. The top one is for Changing, or morphing. The second one is a for a final attack. The third one is to summon the mecha -- which usually you'll want to place a mecha Shuriken into the slot for when you do that one. Otherwise, the sounds mix up between the sword and the Shuriken.

There is a release button on the back, to remove the Shuriken. The package comes with Akaninger's Shuriken. It has a colorful light up Kanji. Removing the outer disk gives you an engaged and disengaging sound.

When you press one of the top two buttons, what you're suppose to do is hear the jingle, spin the Shuriken, and after it lists off the colors of the characters, you can press the attack button on the hilt. Note -- spinning the Shuriken actually is a bit hard; as it doesn't spin as fast as you'd think it would. If you don't put a lot of energy into it, the Shuriken will only spin a little (though it will always properly activate like its suppose to.)

The one problem I want to point out about the Shurikens, in general, is this: there is NO off switch. You'll have to use a screw driver and go into the device to switch out new batteries, after they run out. This is really annoying -- and, I think, they could have easily added an on-off switch inside, or to the side, of the Shurikens. But, oh well...

Goton NinShuriken

This is a $15 Shuriken to use with the Ichibanto. I was really surprised how much I liked it - as it adds a lot of playability to the Ichibanto!

Basically, you turn the Shuriken to either Fire, Earth, Water, Wood, or Gold settings. Once a setting is set, place it into the Ichibanto, and spin the sword. (You want to avoid pressing the 3 sword buttons, as it usually just mixes up the sound with the Shuriken) You get a sound for each element -- and it calls out the name of spin the Shuriken. Press button on the hilt for the element sound. You MUST take the Shuriken out, each time you want to change the element setting.

This was a really awesome pick up, and the sounds work wonderfully with the sword. The gold setting, especially, lets you add a bit of magic to the whole affair, with a sprinkling magic dust sound, which is fun.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rampaging Ninninger Images

I have added Starninger's profile here, and am uploading the following images from the past few weeks episodes.

You can find this image added here: Akaninger Profile

You can find this image added here: Shironinger Profile

You can find this image added here: Momoninger Profile

You can find these images added here: Starninger Profile

Yoshitaka Igasaki
You can find this image added here: Yoshitaka Igasaki Profile

Tsumuji Igasaki
You can find this image added here: Tsumuji Igasaki Profile

Gabi Raizo
You can find this image added here: Gabi Raizo Profile

Giant Robots
You can find these images added here: Ninninger Giant Robots

Ninninger Group Images
You can find these images added here: Ninninger Group Images