Friday, February 27, 2009


You know what has annoyed me? That the Internet doesn't have a better collection of images of Super Sentai. Well, I'm aiming to change that - by putting out images on this blog.

I want to be clear on this - some of these images are things I found scrounging for in Internet. I have quite disappointed with many sites having so few quality images of these series. Images under 400x400 is not a decent size.

So, with that in mind, please forgive me if I put up anyone else's images. I've been gathering them up for my own personal use for the last few years - and I honestly couldn't tell you where they came from. I looked in many places, like Photobucket and message boards. Please forgive me - but Sentai images are soooo hard to find in one place. I just want to do my part to help people see them.

I want to repeat - I mean no offense if you are the originator of any of these images. Please leave a message on the latest post if that is the case and I'll try to take it down.

OK, long explanation over. Here are the images. Some of these first few (the Shinkengers) are screen grabbed by me. Sorry they are not of the best quality - I only just learned how to capture images.
                                                                         Shinken Red

                                                           Shinken Blue

                                             Shinken Yellow

                                             Shinken Yellow, Hit by an Arrow

I'll be back to post some more. Enjoy!

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