Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Images

I worked at re-sizing these images. I think the quality of the image remained while increasing the size by 200%

I hope you like them.


This image is labeled as being from http://www.powerrangersworld.com/
This one I actually didn't change, since it was already a large image.

Air Ninja Blue

Kakurangers keeping the door shut (On Evil!)


Ki Ranger and Kibaranger

Here are some fill-in images. I already did Ki Ranger and Kibaranger's profiles, but still wanted to share these two images.

Go-onger Movie

Again, a warning for anyone who hasn't seen the Go-onger movie yet, these images may be a spoiler for you.

Here are images from Go-onger's movie, where they travel to Samurai World. It was a very fun and exciting movie, with a lot of surprisingly top-notch special effects. Enjoy!

Ranger Ally Profile: Dekaranger DekaGold

Dekaranger DekaGold

Mari Gold (マリー・ゴールド, Marī Gōrudo) / DekaGold (デカゴールド, Dekagōrudo) (Movie)

Exclusive to the movie, she arrived from Planet Leslie and had entered an alien's bar. She has the power to stop time for a short while. She had feelings for Ban. Her time transformed was very brief, as she was shot repeatedly after transforming, forcing her to power down. Her name is a play on marigold. Magiranger vs. Dekaranger indicates that she and Ban are now in a relationship.

    * Her number is 10, written as the Roman numeral X.
    * SPD Weapon: D-Smasher 01 & D-Smasher 02: DekaGold's personal sidearms.

This image is labeled as coming from www.thai-toku.com

This image is labeled as coming from www.thai-toku.com

Ranger Ally Profile: Dekaranger DekaBright

Dekaranger DekaBright

Lisa Teagle (リサ・ティーゲル, Risa Tīgeru) / DekaBright (デカブライト, Dekaburaito) (40)

    "Exposing the present evil in the bright sunshine! Light Detective! DekaBright!"(Namiiru aku wo hakujitsuno moto abaki dasu! Hikari no Keiji! Dekaburaito!)

Supreme Chief over all Counter Special Criminal activity. Referred to as "Chief" by Tetsu and is the "Daylight Officer". She's a top rank SPD officer with a gold badge like Tetsu from the Planet Lumiere. In fact, she is Tetsu's mentor. She trained Tetsu to be passionless and efficient: the kind of police officer most people think as the "perfect officer". All that was put in jeopardy when he came to Earth. She's on equal ground with Kruger and Swan, and could have taken Tetsu away with her, but decided against it after learning firsthand how passion can be a benefit for a Deka, rather than a hindrance.

    * SPD Weapon: BraceThrottle: Like Tetsu, Lisa who is also a Tokkyou also possesses a brace throttle of her own, although her Brace Throttle has a slightly different design. Henshin call is "Emergency! DekaBright!".

Throttle Techniques
* Funsha-ken "Impulse Fist": Fire Extinguisher
* Raigeki-ken Thunder Fist: Electric Punch
* Bougo-ken "Barrier Fist": Force Field
Deletion Techniques/Seiken Accel Blow Ougi
* Shikou-ken "Highest Hammer": Energy Punch Finisher

Ranger Ally Profile: Dekaranger DekaSwan

Dekaranger DekaSwan

Cignian Swan Shiratori (白鳥スワン, Shiratori Suwan) / DekaSwan (デカスワン, Dekasuwan) (36, 50)

"The pure white, healing etoile! DekaSwan!"

Nickname, "Swan-san" (スワンさん, Suwan-san), and is known as "The Immaculate Healing Star". She is Kruger's assistant from the Planet Cigno, though Swan herself is half human. She's the one who provides the DekaRangers with their arsenal. Swan can transform into DekaSwan. Although she says it is her policy to only do it once every four years, in Episode 49, she attempts to transform again when a Batusroid breaks into her command center. It has been suggested that Doggy and Swan may be more than just friends (Miyuki Ozu, in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, call's them "The happiest couple" she know's), but they both would hastily deny it. Her surname is a pun, since it can be translated as "white bird" which fits a swan.

* Attacks: Swan Illusion, a feather mist attack; Swan Rainbow, a spinning kick which acts like a deletion attack.

This image is labeled as coming from www.thai-toku.com

Ranger Profile: J.A.K.Q. Clover King

J.A.K.Q. Clover King

Bunta Daichi (大地文太, Daichi Bunta)/Clover King (クローバーキング, Kurōbā Kingu)

A oceanographer who died of oxygen deprivation in a freak submarine accident. Years earlier his beloved younger sister Emi died in an airplane crash. Daichi’s body was cryogenically sustained in a medical facility for research until Joker found him. Using bionic technology Joker was able to revive Daichi as a cyborg. His bionic enhancements allowed him to manipulate gravitational forces. By increasing his body’s weight and density Daichi is able gain superhuman strength. With his power cycling in the range of 700 horsepower, he is able to use his “Juroku Energy” (Superpower Energy) to punch and kick opponents with devastating effect. Daichi can throw opponents across great distances with his “Juroku Nage” (Power Throw) and can take down dozens of opponents with his flying jump attack (“King Juroku Press” ). His left hand can be converted into his “Club Megaton” weapon. His Club Megaton can become a ball and chain which can be used to strike and hit enemies as well as bind them.

* Age: 23 years old

Ranger Profile: Zyuranger TigerRanger

Zyuranger TigerRanger

Boi, Knight of the Daim Tribe (ダイム族ナイト·ボーイ, Daimu Zoku Naito Bōi) / TigerRanger (タイガーレンジャー, TaigāRenjā): The Warrior of Hope (希望の戦士, Kibō no Senshi)

He was the youngest of the team at 15 years old. The most agile member, Boi was gifted with stealth abilities. Bad at cooking. Hates carrots. His Guardian Beast is SaberTiger.

* Legendary Weapons: Saber Daggers (サーベルダガー, Sāberu Dagā)
* Attacks: Pinpoint Thrust, Saber Daggers Lightning Shoot

This image is labeled as being made by Jake Speed.

This image is labeled as being made by Jake Speed.

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range