Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gattai Focus: Battle Fever J Giant Robot

Here is the first of another reoccurring segment, featuring the Giant Robots of Super Sentai. Refereed to as "Gattai", meaning fused,  usually in reference to when the robots assemble into the bigger form.

Anyway - this section will simply showcase images of the various giant robots a Sentai Series employs. Only two Sentai series did not have giant robots, the first two "Goranger" and "J.A.Q.K.". This was before the word "Super" was attached to the series. The first giant robot was from "Battle Fever J". The robot did not transform, like it's modern day counterparts - but it added a special element to the Sentai series that turns an all ready great action show into a "Super" action show.

This image is labeled as coming from www.modxtoy.com

Even though he did not transform, he displayed a wide arrange of attacks, from kunai, spear, to his classic Samurai Sword attack.

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