Monday, March 30, 2009

Gattai Focus: Go-onger Honoshu

OK, here it is, Gattai Focus on the Honoshu - the Samurai guest stars in the Go-onger movie.

I'd imagine I'm not alone in this - but I at first through the Samurai Engine-Oh was simply a temporary update for Speedor, Bus-on, and Bearrv. Not so! They where similar Engines cast into human form and stranded on Samurai World. Here's profiles on the Honoshu. Enjoy.


The movie also introduces the three new Wandering Engines (流れ炎神 ,Nagare Enjin) who were robbed of hearts and Engine Casts by Maki's magic when they came to Samurai World, their souls assuming human forms called the Honoshu (炎衆 ,Honōshū) to fight her and restore themselves. With the Go-ongers' aid, the Honoshu Warriors regain their Engine Casts and execute "Engine Entering Soul" (炎神入魂 ,Enjin Nyūkon) to assume their true forms, combining into the Samurai World analog to the Go-ongers' Engine-Oh, Engine Dai-Shogun (炎神大将軍 ,Enjin DaiShōgun). Its finishing attack is the Go-on Crimson Slash (轟音紅蓮斬り ,Gōon Gurengiri) with its enlarged flaming Engine Sword (炎神剣 ,Enjinken). After Maki's death, Engine Dai-Shogun exhausted its energy from fighting her and its components' souls fade out as it is turned to stone.

Honoshu Warrior Retsutaka (炎衆の戦士・烈鷹 ,Honōshū no Senshi Retsutaka, "Burning Falcon") is a young samurai warrior who is the leader of the Honoshu. His true form is Engine Retsu-Taka (炎神烈鷹 ,Enjin Retsutaka), the Samurai World analog to Speedor, a hybrid between a falcon and a racing car who forms the upper body and head of Engine Dai-Shogun. Prior to it, in order not to make his Engine Cast be use for evil once he's gone, he separated a part of his soul into the Engine Sword he created and gave to two brothers to safeguard for him.

Honoshu Warrior Shishinoshin (炎衆の戦士・獅子之進 ,Honōshū no Senshi Shishinoshin, "Moving Lion") is an older samurai warrior who wields a naginata. His true form is Engine Shishi-no-Shin (炎神獅子之進 ,Enjin Shishinoshin), the Samurai World analog to Bus-on, a hybrid between a lion and a bus who forms Engine Dai-Shogun's hip, legs, and katana.

Honoshu Warrior Tsukinowa (炎衆の戦士・月之輪 ,Honōshū no Senshi Tsukinowa, "Crescent Moon") is a young kunoichi warrior who is the only woman amongst the Honoshu. Her true form is Engine Tsuki-no-Wa (炎神月ノ輪 ,Enjin Tsukinowa), the Samurai World analog to Bearrv, a hybrid between a black bear and an 4WD truck who forms Engine Dai-Shogun's lower body.

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