Monday, March 30, 2009

Other Stuff: Samurai Showdown Anthology

Anyone remember Samurai Showdown? At a bowling ally I went to as a kid, there was an arcade machine for Samurai Showdown 3. It looked so incredibly and cool, with all sorts of Japanese aesthetics. I wanted to keep playing, but I couldn't play very well, especially when you where limited to only so many tries with the quarters at hand.

Anyway - Samurai Shown has always been that elusive series for me. I was able to play the first game on a SNES rental, and it still stunned me with it's music and unique characters.

BUT - the rest of the series was always on another system...... Until now!

SNK has released an anthology edition of Samurai Showdown, featuring all 6 of the Samurai Showdown titles! The 6th one, in fact, has never been released in America until now.

The game play might not be for everyone (I have to set the difficulty to easy just to survive) but it's a great gaming experience. It's like the Soul Caliber of it's day, featuring weapon combat and historically inspired characters.

Though, I do have to warn you, don't expect any kind of plot. There is one - but it's either in Japanese or dubbed so horribly you want to scream.

Anyway, it's been released on the PSP, Wii, and the cheaper version on the PS2. EBgames, in particular, doesn't even list the PS2 edition.
So, for anyone searching for the PS2 version, I got mine at Amazon for $15. Click here for the address: "Here"

Phew -- I guess that's it. I just wanted to tell everyone what a great game it is. It's not Street Fighter II, but it's definitely worth checking out.

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