Thursday, March 12, 2009

Other Stuff: Stewart vs Cramer!

I just watched the Daily Show tonight, and boy was I impressed! This whole week, ever since poking fun at CNBC, the Daily Show has gotten into a big fight with Jim Cramer of "Mad Money".

They had it out on the show, and I have to say they had one of the most frank and honest discussions about the sorry state of Wall Street, and how the media plays into it. There where jokes - and Jon Stewart wasn't really angry with Cramer for being wrong, but he was really honest, much to Cramer's dismay.

I gotta say, Cramer, while definitely being made the fool, did stand up and take it. I wouldn't have blamed him for not going on the show - but he went in there and took it all.

And, while the Daily Show isn't a serious show - it's not unfair to say they actually did some serious analysis with their clips, showing the inane failure of Cramer and CNBC.

And, yes, it is very sad that the most serious reporting is being done by a Comedy show. Does the news media need to be made fun of to actually do better reporting?

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