Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Hi. Here's my first non-Ranger post, for when I want to say or note something else besides Super Sentai.

I got a great deal at Best Buy yesterday! They had their entire Anime section on sale for 50% off. (But does this mean they are getting rid of the Anime section? ???) Anyway - I got a normally $50 item for only $26! I got the incredible series "The Melancholy is Haruhi Suzumiya". It's such a charming, funny and weird series. The box set I got only has one DVD, but with room for the other three disks, and lots of extras, along with an great CD.

(Warning, Large Image)

I haven't found such a good anime series in so long, that this has become quite a treat. If you want to find out about the series, here's it's wikipedia entry

I don't know if every Best Buy is having this deal or not. At $50 one disk wouldn't have cut it, but at half that price this turned out to be a great deal. Either way - look into the series is you think you might like it!

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