Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Dekaranger DekaBright

Dekaranger DekaBright

Lisa Teagle (リサ・ティーゲル, Risa Tīgeru) / DekaBright (デカブライト, Dekaburaito) (40)

    "Exposing the present evil in the bright sunshine! Light Detective! DekaBright!"(Namiiru aku wo hakujitsuno moto abaki dasu! Hikari no Keiji! Dekaburaito!)

Supreme Chief over all Counter Special Criminal activity. Referred to as "Chief" by Tetsu and is the "Daylight Officer". She's a top rank SPD officer with a gold badge like Tetsu from the Planet Lumiere. In fact, she is Tetsu's mentor. She trained Tetsu to be passionless and efficient: the kind of police officer most people think as the "perfect officer". All that was put in jeopardy when he came to Earth. She's on equal ground with Kruger and Swan, and could have taken Tetsu away with her, but decided against it after learning firsthand how passion can be a benefit for a Deka, rather than a hindrance.

    * SPD Weapon: BraceThrottle: Like Tetsu, Lisa who is also a Tokkyou also possesses a brace throttle of her own, although her Brace Throttle has a slightly different design. Henshin call is "Emergency! DekaBright!".

Throttle Techniques
* Funsha-ken "Impulse Fist": Fire Extinguisher
* Raigeki-ken Thunder Fist: Electric Punch
* Bougo-ken "Barrier Fist": Force Field
Deletion Techniques/Seiken Accel Blow Ougi
* Shikou-ken "Highest Hammer": Energy Punch Finisher

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