Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ranger Profile: Bioman Yellow Four

Note: Whenever there are two characters who have been the same colored Ranger, I'll just list them together.

Bioman Yellow Four

Mika Koizumi (小泉ミカ, Koizumi Mika, 1-9)/Yellow Four I (1初代イエローフォー, Shodai Ierō Fō, 1-10)

A photographer who dreams of following in her brother's footseps to photograph the wildlife in Africa. Initially, she is hesitant to join the Bioman team. However, she is convinced when she realizes that if she does not fight, then the animals in Africa that she loves will eventually be in danger. She was killed by repeated Anti-Bio Particle blasts from the Bio Killer Gun which Peebo later recalls during Silver's first appearance. Her weapon was the Thunder Sword (サンダーソード, Sandā Sōdo). Her special attacks were Super Electronic Holography (超電子ホログラフィ, Chōdenshi Horogurafi) and Yellow Flash.

Jun Yabuki (矢吹ジュン, Yabuki Jun)/Yellow Four II (2代目イエローフォー, Nidaime Ierō Fō, 11-51)

An Olympic archer. 19 years old. After watching the Bioman in action, she tries to join them but is initially refused, even though Mika Koizumi had just died; the others were looking for another descendant of the original five who were bombarded with the Bio Particles. However, she proves her courage, and it was discovered that she also has Bio Particles. Her weapons are Bio Arrow (バイオアロー, Baio Arō) and Thunder Sword (サンダーソード, Sandā Sōdo). Her special attack is Super Electronic Holography (超電子ホログラフィ, Chōdenshi Horogurafi).


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  1. If I'm not wrong, Yuki Yajima left the set due to payroll issues but then, the whole story is still not yet known.