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Ranger Profile: Boukenger BoukenYellow

Boukenger BoukenYellow

Natsuki Mamiya (間宮 菜月, Mamiya Natsuki) / BoukenYellow (ボウケンイエロー, Bōken'ierō)

Strong Adventurer (強き冒険者, Tsuyoki Bōkensha)

Real name is Irina, Princess of Lemuria. Natsuki is completely attached to Masumi and met him long ago, when she was trapped under a rock in some ruins. The weight of that rock left her with amnesia. Natsuki is a rookie member of the Boukenger team. She is very naïve, which makes her seem like an air-head and a ditz. In fact, she freaked out when they first formed DaiBouken, as she and Masumi were still FNGs and had not finished their training yet. She often refers to herself in the third person. Apparently, she can see into the immediate future (her visions are in greyscale), as evidenced in Task 1 when she foresaw Souta being obliterated by a fake Heart of Gordom. Later, in Task 2, after a brief confrontation with a Jaryuu (which was interrupted by Souta and Sakura), Sakura scolded her, believing her to be part of the Negative Syndicate—in fact, Natsuki's feelings were hurt so badly that she briefly doubted her worthiness to the team and returned her Accellular to Masumi. It took the others to cheer her up and convince her to rejoin. Natsuki owns a bracelet that had stayed with her when Masumi found her. She believes that if someone recognizes it, they would be able to let her know who she really is. Because of the need to find out her true origin, Natsuki joined the Boukengers. However, in Task 14, she ceased to consider her past to be her top priority when Dark Shadow Tsukumogami Nendogami tried to falsify the past. She is the only Boukenger without a rival. In Task 24, she controlled DaiBouken and Ultimate Daibouken by herself. She calls Eiji "Ei-chan". She is also often found eating something.

In Task 33, Natsuki's past is finally revealed. Kazuko Karamonoya (from Tasks 9 and 10) told Natsuki that she did have a vague memory about the bracelet and showed her a statue of a woman wearing the bracelet and holding Zubaan in his sword mode. After seeing this statue, both Natsuki and Zubaan started acting strangely. Ryuuwon later revealed the truth about Natsuki and her sudden change: she is the last survivor of the Lemurian Civilization and her bracelet proves not only her origin but that she was an important member. One hundred-thousand years ago, her parents (played by Eri Tanaka [Chisato Jogasaki/MegaYellow] and Keisuke Tsuchiya [Kazu Tenjisei/KirinRanger]), knowing their civilization's nearing demise, left Natsuki in a Sleeping Capsule that would slow her growth speed to a rate of 1 year for every 5,000 years. Natsuki, thinking that she might finally find answers, is taken by Ryuuwon to where the capsule rests. They find not only that capsule, but the Precious known as "the Sun of Lemuria." When Natsuki touched the Precious, her entire appearance changed to that of a Lemurian and Rei brainwashed her into thinking that her parents' desire and her sacred duty was to activate the Sun of Lemuria and destroy humanity. Having also obtained control over Zubaan, Natsuki, the Questers and Masumi, who wanted to rescue her, disappear. When Masumi finally broke into the Jaryuu's base, he tried to bring Natsuki back from the trance Rei had put her in and after remembering who she was, a Boukenger, the trance ended and Natsuki returned to her previous appearance. After the entire event, she forgot everything that had happened up till the point after she touched the Sun of Lemuria. When she returns to the cave to return the Sun of Lemuria, her parents appear in a hologram to tell her that they wanted her to use the Sun to make the future better for mankind, and her real name, Lilina, is revealed. At the end of the series Natsuki becomes wielder of Zubaan, as well as finding out her treasure is the memories she forged with the Boukengers.

* "Mamiya" (間宮, "Mamiya") is from the surname of Japanese explorer Rinzo Mamiya (間宮 林蔵, Mamiya Rinzo), who traced that Sakhalin (Karafuto) was not a peninsula but an island. Incidentally, Rinzo had learned surveying techniques from Tadataka Inou, just as Masumi is a mentor of sorts to Natsuki.
* Natsuki's name in kanji "na" (菜, "na") and "tsuki" (月, "tsuki") mean "cole (blossoms)" and "moon", which are often yellow.
* Natsuki Mamiya/BoukenYellow's parents were actors from past Super Sentai series. Her father was played by Keisuke Tsuchiya who was Kazu/KirinRanger in Gosei Sentai Dairanger, while her mother was played by Eri Tanaka who was Chisato Jougasaki/MegaYellow in Denji Sentai Megaranger. The family is an obvious referance and homage to the Yellow Rangers in Super Sentai.

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  1. She is very cute, and I like her child-like behavior :3