Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ranger Profile: Dairanger KibaRanger

Dairanger KibaRanger

Kou of the Howling New Star ("吼新星"コウ, "Hōshinsei" Kō) / KibaRanger (キバレンジャー, Kiba Renjā, FangRanger)

A 9-year old who pulled out Yufang's Byakkoshinken. A somewhat perverted boy, he often grabs Lin's breasts and looks up her skirt at times, and wishes to marry her. New to fighting, he is not particularly strong. The KibaChanger allows him to assume an adult-form as KibaRanger. He originally kept his identity as KibaRanger a secret, and the Byakkoshinken often spoke instead of Kou (who, of course, still sounded like a child in his Ranger form), but after the other Dairangers learned of his identity, he began to speak on his own and joined the team. Kou eventually learns he and Akomaru are twin brothers and are the sons of Shadam and a woman from the Dai Tribe. Because of this, Shadam tried to recruit Kou to the Gorma when the boy was old enough to be converted (according to Christian calendars, Kou and Akomaru's birthday falls on Christmas Eve), but his mother's baptism purified Kou of his Gorma linage. His Mythical Qi Beast is Won Tiger. Specializes in Sound-based attacks.

* Age: 9 Years Old
* Dai Weapon: Byakkoshinken (白虎真剣, Byakkoshinken, White-Tiger True-Sword), An enchanted talking saber Yufang placed within a stone until the one chosen to wield it arrives. That day occurred when Kou removed the weapon from its resting place. The sword offered to help Kou as KibaRanger, voice-overing for him upon his debut as KibaRanger and co-piloting Won Tiger. He could also control Kou's body while fighting as KibaRanger.
* Special attacks: Riot Echo (乱れやまびこ, Midare Yamabiko), Fang Rush (牙突進, Gatotsushin), White Tiger Flash (白虎一閃, Byakko Issen)

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