Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ranger Profile: Dairanger ShishiRanger

Dairanger ShishiRanger

Daigo of the Heavenly Phantom Star ("天幻星" 大五, "Tengensei" Daigo) / ShishiRanger (シシレンジャー, Shishi Renjā, LionRanger)

A most remarkable, gentle member of the team and arguably the most skilled fighter after Ryou. Had moments of great seriousness. He worked at a pet shop and had feelings for Kujaku. Scouted to be a Dairanger after Kaku's discovery of his qi connection with Kujaku. Specialized in an ancient form of Karate and utilizes illusions in combat. His Mythical Qi Beast is Star-Shishi.

* Age: 24 years old
* Dairen Rod: Bladed Sasumata
* Dai Weapon: Lion Staff (獅子棍棒, Shishi Konbō)
* Special attacks: Mist Hiding (霧隠れ, Kirigakure), Lion Fist Empty Innocence (獅子拳無明無心, Shishiken Mumyō Mushin)

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