Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ranger Profile: Dairanger TenmaRanger

Dairanger TenmaRanger

Shouji of the Heavenly Gravity Star ("天重星" 将児, "Tenjūsei" Shōji) / TenmaRanger (テンマレンジャー, Tenma Renjā, PegasusRanger)

Dreamed of becoming a world boxing champion after reforming from a street gang past. He had a strong sense of fair play, and also competitiveness which he could only really apply with Kazu. Strong, balanced, playful and loving. Boss Kamikaze, of the 3 Gorma Idiots, sees him as his greatest rival. Specializes in Long Fist with the power to adjust gravity around and within, thus increase either strength or speed. His Mythical Qi Beast is Star-Tenma.

* Age: 20 years old
* Dairen Rod: Monk's Spade
* Dai Weapon: Pegasus Nunchakus (テンマヌンチャク, Tenma Nunchaku)
* Special attacks: Gravity Inversion Destruction (重力逆転破, Jūryoku Gyakutenha), Pegasus Revolving Kicks (天馬回転蹴り, Tenma Kaiten Keri)

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