Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ranger Profile: Dekaranger DekaYellow

Dekaranger DekaYellow

Marika Reimon (礼紋 茉莉花, Reimon Marika) / DekaYellow (デカイエロー, Dekaierō)

"Four! Fighting malicious intergalactic evil..." (Yottsu! Yokaranu uchuu no aku wo...)

Nickname, "Jasmine" (ジャスミン, Jasumin). A psychic (ESPer), as she can pick up sensory impressions of others through handling an object or visiting a location her target has touched or been to. Jasmine wears gloves to help control her powers when she doesn't need to use them.

She's a calm, collected individual, though in the past considered suicide by letting an Alienizer kill her because of the depression her inability to control her powers had caused. Was rescued and recruited by Doggy. Jasmine is also tight friends with Umeko, forming an unbeatable tag-team called "Twin Cam Angels". One of her known antics is nicknaming every Alienizer before a fight (she once named a Kaijuuki Jumble-kun, due to it being a composite mash-up of previous Kaijuuki destroyed by the Dekaranger), and has even nicknamed the Abarangers (Red Saw-kun, Blue Saw-kun, and Yellow Saw-kun) and the Magirangers (Fluttering Cape Hero-kun).

She used to ride in Machine Doberman with Ban during patrols, but in Magiranger VS Dekaranger, Tetsu now drives with her. In Magiranger VS Dekaranger, Jasmine broke the fourth wall twice while being held captive with MagiBlue, first saying to the audience that Tetsu dressing like a woman was not very surprising, since he did it twice before, and asking the audience if she should say Maji?, which translates into "For real?" Her number is 4.

* SPD Weapon: Yellow D-Shot

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