Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ranger Profile: Gaoranger Blazing Lion GaoRed

Gaoranger Blazing Lion GaoRed

Dr. Kakeru Shishi (獅子 走, Shishi Kakeru-sensei?) / Blazing Lion GaoRed (灼熱の獅子ガオレッド, Shakunetsu no Shishi Gaoreddo?)

"The warrior chosen by GaoLion, Blazing Lion~GaoRed!"

He is a 24 year old veterinarian. Friendly, warm, and good-natured, he was chosen by GaoLion to be the leader and he was the fifth member to join. He wants to protect all life on earth and he loves animals, especially his Golden Retriever "Choco". When he closes his eyes, Kakeru has the empathic ability to understand animals and communicate with them. He thought he could do the same with Orgs, but discovered he couldn't since they were without souls. Two of his common sayings are "I am a veterinarian" and "I'm full of motivation!" He is in charge of forming the upper body in the Gaorangers' mecha formations. After the final battle, he returned to his former job at the Sakura Animal Hospital.

* Lion Fang (ライオンファング, Raion Fangu), GaoRed's claw based weapon. It can be separated into two parts and it can also transform into the Gao Mane Buster (ガオメインバスター, Gao Mein Basutā), a gun that is used by GaoRed by the command "Lion Fang, transform!". Received in episode 3 when GaoRed refused to give up when the Gaorangers were losing to Camera Org. It has two modes: Normal Mode (ノーマルモード, Nōmaru Mōdo), which rapidly fires laser blasts like a machine gun, and Final Mode (ファイナルモード, Fainaru Mōdo), which fires a powerful energy blast from a barrel that extends from the mouth.
* Special Attack: Blazing Fire (ブレイジングファイヤー, Bureijingu Faiyā), Gaoranger Storm (ガオレンジャーストーム, Gaorenjā Sutōmu); A ball of light created by the Gaorangers, the Dream Sentai, and the Red Warriors. GaoRed kicked it to annihilate Rakushaasa once and for all. The finishing call is Evil spirit, purify (邪鬼浄散, Jaki Jōsan).

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