Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ranger Profile: Go-onger Go-on Gold

Go-onger Go-on Gold

Hiroto Sutō (須塔 大翔, Sutō Hiroto) / Go-on Gold (ゴーオンゴールド, Gōon Gōrudo)

"Break Limit!! Go-on Gold" (ブレイク限界!!ゴーオンゴールド, Bureiku Genkai!! Gōon Gōrudo)

Nicknamed the "Philosopher," Hiroto is the cool and aloof leader of the Go-on Wings, and is amazing in combat. He trains extensively in boxing and kickboxing and possesses an esper ability that allows him to sense when danger is near.

His seemingly cold exterior belies his fiery passion; he tells the Ancient Engines that, like them and like the Go-ongers and his sister, he will put his life on the line to protect those that he cares about. Because of this, and a separate incident which saw him care for a Wameikle from Sound World, the Go-ongers tab him as their "father." Hiroto, however, is not amused in the least by the reference, unlike Renn, who enjoys being the Go-ongers' "mother." During the Christmas incident, Hiroto manages to overcome his childhood fear of ghosts thanks to Saki.

* With the Rocket Dagger, he can perform the attacks "Burning Dagger", "Lightning Dagger", "Shining Dagger", and "Full-Power Dagger."

Engine Toripter (炎神トリプター, Enjin Toriputā)

He is Go-on Gold's partner, a red and gold hybrid of a chicken (ニワトリ, niwatori) and a helicopter with a lively prankster personality who is a master in aerial dogfights while ending his sentences with "Batabata Bata!" (バタバタバタ!, Batabatabata!, an onomatopeia of a helicopter's rotor blades whirring). He is one of the two Wing Clan Engines who arrived to the Human World before Speedor and the others. With his rotor blades, he can perform the Toripter Batariot (トリプターバタリオット, Toriputā Batariotto), firing a endless supply of bullets from his turrets. He can combine with Engine-Oh and Jetras to form the right arm of Engine-Oh Jetripter. Also, he forms the right shoulder of Engine-Oh G9, with his tails forming "goggles" for Speedor.

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