Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ranger Profile: Go-onger Go-on Silver

Please note, whenever a ranger's giant robot is a talking character, I sometimes put them right alongside the Ranger with their profile. (Just explaining why Jetras' info is here too)

Go-onger Go-on Silver

Miu Sutō (須塔 美羽, Sutō Miu) / Go-on Silver (ゴーオンシルバー, Gōon Shirubā)

"Sparkling World!! Go-on Silver" (キラキラ世界!!ゴーオンシルバー, Kirakira Sekai!! Gōon Shirubā)

Nicknamed the "Lovely Sensation," is Hiroto's younger sister, a "princess" sort of girl whose esper ability allow her to see things though the flowers she tends to. Her fighting style is aikido.

She idolizes and is severely dependent upon Hiroto, who she always addresses as "Ani" (a shortened form of "aniki," the Japanese honorific expression for "older brother"). Though she initially regarded Saki as a "little girl" who she had no time for, Miu eventually becomes good friends with her. Miu seems to have taken an interest in Sōsuke, though, at first, she is hesitant to acknowledge it. She later helps Saki and Renn in regaining their courage by telling them how they changed her and her brother for the better.

* With the Rocket Dagger, she can perform attacks such as "Freezing Dagger", "Shooting Dagger", and "Full Power Dagger."

Engine Jetras (炎神ジェットラス, Enjin Jettorasu)

He is Go-on Silver's partner, a steamlined black/silver hybrid of a tiger (トラ, tora) and a fighter jet with a calm personality and ends his sentences with "Geeeeeeeeeeen!" (ギーン!, Gīn!, an onomatopeia of a jet flying by at supersonic speeds). He arrived before Speedor and the others to the Human World when he was saved my Miu. Jetras has the utmost respect for Jum-bowhale. With his wings and amazing offensive abilities, he can fire the Jetras Torahawk (ジェットラストラホーク, Jettorasu Torahōku) cruise missile from his mouth. He can perform the Jetras Phantom (ジェットラスファントム, Jettorasu Fantomu), creating clones to confuse the enemy. He can combine with Engine-Oh and Toripter to form the left arm of Engine-Oh Jetripter. Also, he forms the left shoulder of Engine-Oh G9, with his rudder and elevators forming the helmet.


  1. What a delightful girl! Surely one of the nicest-looking rangers. Fits her Ranger costume well.

  2. She truly is lovely.