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Ranger Profile: Go-onger Go-on Yellow

Go-onger Go-on Yellow

Saki Rōyama (楼山 早輝, Rōyama Saki) /Go-on Yellow (ゴーオンイエロー, Gōon Ierō)

"Smile Blooming!! Go-on Yellow" (スマイル満開!!ゴーオンイエロー, Sumairu Mankai!! Gōon Ierō)

Nicknamed the "Sweet Angel," was a concessions vendor who worked the stands of the Twin Ring Motegi racetrack. Cheerful and anxious, she smiles and remains upbeat even in times of crisis, and often exhorts her teammates to smile.

Her personal mantra is, "smile, smile," which she learned from a woodland spirit that she met when she was younger. While she and Hant are trapped in Junk World, she reveals that she dreams of opening a cake shop someday. Her Go-Phone has multiple charms on it, differentiating it from the boys' Go-Phones. She has an older sister named Sanae, a manipulative and devilish woman who often tormented her when they were younger and continues to make trouble for her in the present time. After the final battle, Saki goes to work at a cake shop.

* She can fight in any hard terrain, using the MantanGun's Rod Mode to execute perform the Go-on Spin (ゴーオンスピン, Gōon Supin)
* With the MantanGun in Gun Mode she can perform the Machinegun Shoot (マシンガンシュート, Mashingan Shūto)
* With the Racing Bullet (レーシングバレット, Rēshingu Baretto) she can perform the Bullet Crash (バレットクラッシュ, Baretto Kurasshu)
* In the G3 Princess idol group, she says, "The 3 G's are together today as a unit!! G3 Princess" (3つのGが集まって今日だけユニット!!G3プリンセス ,Mittsu no jī ga atsumatte kyō dake yunitto!! Jī Surī Purinsesu)
* As part of G3 Princess with Go-on Silver and Kegalesia, she performs Princess Cannonball (プリンセスキャノンボール ,Purinsesu Kyanonbōru), after performing G3 Triangle (G3トライアングル ,Jī Surī Toraianguru) which passes the ball made by them.
* In the Go-on Princess, they say, "With the maidens prayer, we come into this world of flowers to make it a world of justice!! We three are the Go-on Princess!" (乙女の祈りはいつの日もこの世に花が満ちるよに正義がこの世に満ちること!!三人そろってゴーオンプリンセス ,Otome no inori wa itsu no hi mo konoyo ni hana ga michiru yo ni seigi ga konoyo ni michiru koto!! San'nin sorotte Gōon Purinsesu)

Engine Bearrv (炎神ベアールV(ブイ), Enjin Beārubui)

"The Charming and spunky tough girl!! Engine Bearrv" (愛嬌と度胸のタフガール!!炎神ベアールV, Aikyō to dokyō no tafu gāru!! Enjin Beārubui)

She is Go-on Yellow's partner, a gutsy hybrid between a bear and an RV who speaks Kansai-ben and ends her sentences with "Vvvvv Vvvv!" (ブイブイ!, Bui Bui!) Her spunky pep is due to her not being a picky eater, eating even enemy aircraft in her Bearr Attack (ベアールアタック, Beāru Atakku). She forms Engine-Oh's lower body and V-Shield.

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