Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ranger Profile: Goranger Ki Ranger

Goranger Ki Ranger

Daita Ooiwa (大岩大太, Ōiwa Daita)/Ki Ranger I (1代目キレンジャー, Ichidaime Kirenjā, Yellow Ranger I) (1-54, 68-84)

Daita is a jovial engineering recruit at EAGLE's Kyushu branch. While adapt in mechanics and mathematics, he had a very hard time solving simple word puzzles and riddles. Being a Judo Champion, Ooiwa was very strong and tough. He had a voracious appetite and often ordered "Omori" (big portions) of everything especially curry rice which was his favorite. He is said to have ten siblings. As Ki Ranger, he was armed with the "Ki Sticker" which was a fighting pole whose head can be outfitted with various attachments such as a punching fist. He also utilized the "YTC" radio which could jam electronic circuitry. Ooiwa was later promoted to Chief of the Kyushu EAGLE branch. Daigorou Kumano was recruited from among EAGLE's other trainees to fill his position. Daigorou, however fell in battle while battling a Kuro Jujigun operative. Daita soon returned to active duty again with the Goranger team. He rode in the "Blue Machine/Blue Star" sidecar. He also copiloted the "Varibloom" and "Varidreen" sky vehicles.

* Age: 23 years old
* Weapons: YTC Radio (YTC, Wai Tī Shī), Yellow Sticker (キーステッカー, Kī Sutekkā) (with 3 attachments: Rock, Paper, Scissors)
* Baku Hatakeyama, who played Daita Ooiwa/Ki Ranger I, committed suicide on July 13, 1978 by hanging himself during the filming of the episode of Special Invesigator Foremost Line. No one knowns why and no suicide note was found. It is suspected that his career/social and love life was failing.

Daigorou Kumano (熊野大五郎, Kumano Daigorō)/Ki Ranger II (2代目キレンジャー, Nidaime Kirenjā, Yellow Ranger II) (55-67)

After Daita became the commander of the Kyushu branch for a time, Daigorou replaced him. He was only a member for 13 episodes. In episode 67, he is stabbed in stomach by Can Opener Mask's Can Opener Cutter.

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