Monday, March 16, 2009

Ranger Profile: Goranger Mido Ranger

Goranger Mido Ranger

Kenji Asuka (明日香健二, Asuka Kenji)/Mido Ranger (ミドレンジャー, Midorenjā, Green Ranger)

Kenji is the youngest member of the team who was training at EAGLE's Kansai branch. He is a happy-go-lucky teen, who can sometimes be a bit brash and temperamental. As Mido Ranger, he was armed with a number of unique weapons. His signature weapon was the razor-sharp "Midomerang" (Green-boomerang) which can be flung at enemies. He could also use it as a handheld weapon to cut and slash his opponents. His "Midomerang" was later upgraded to the "New Midomerang" which was a bit bigger. He also carried the "Mido Puncher" which was an updated slingshot weapon which can be used to fire "pachinko-ball" pellets and sometimes explosives. Asuka drove the super motorcycle "Green Machine" and later the "Green Star."

* Age: 17 years old
* Weapons: Greenmerang Boomerang (ミドメラン, Midomeran), New Greenmerang Boomerang (ニューミドメラン, Nyū Midomeran), Green Puncher (ミドパンチャー, Mido Panchā)

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