Friday, March 20, 2009

Ranger Profile: Hurricaneger Air Ninja Hurricane Red

Hurricaneger Air Ninja Hurricane Red

Yousuke Shiina (椎名 鷹介, Shīna Yōsuke) / Air Ninja Hurricane Red (空忍ハリケンレッド, Soranin Harikenreddo)

"The wind howls, the sky rages. Air Ninja, Hurricane Red!" (風が泣き、空が怒る。 空忍ハリケンレッド, "Kaze ga naki, sora ga ikaru. Soranin Harikenreddo!")

The leader of the team, though a bit dim-witted, Yousuke's courage and determination make up for his slow-thinking. At age 19, he works at a window cleaning service. He eventually meets up with Ichiro Taishu, a fellow student in the Air Ninja class who dropped out after seeing that it wasn't his place to be a ninja and attempted to have Yousuke quit too. But after seeing Yosuke in action, Taishu accepts it and wishes his friend good luck. Yousuke later almost got himself killed to provide the vaccine for Ikkou.

* Hurricane Weapon: Dry Gun, Hurricane Red's personal weapon. It resembles a hair dryer, and can shoot flames.
* Chūninpuu: Air Gallop, Triple Blow, Illusion Change (Hurricane Fighter, Hurricane Tank), Thunder Blast, Skylark.

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