Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ranger Profile: Magiranger Blue Magician MagiBlue

Magiranger Blue Magician MagiBlue

Urara Ozu (小津 麗, Ozu Urara) / Blue Magician MagiBlue (青の魔法使い マジブルー, Ao no Mahōtsukai Majiburū)

"The Shaking Water Element! Blue Magician ~(Legend) MagiBlue!"

The second daughter, Urara is a Blue Mage, a sorceress with power over the Shaking Water Element. She has a gentle heart, often acting motherly, as shown in Episode 4 when she pushes Kai out of the way of a monsters attack and gets turned to stone herself. (Smoky considers her his mother figure). She's a passive sort, listening to the others and holding her tongue, hiding her own feelings of hurt and distress until they boil over and she explodes. Furthermore, a practical joke Kai played on her when they were children induced a fear of frogs, which she had to overcome to restore Hikaru to normalcy, she also freaked out when the Hades God Toad was chosen to carry out his Divine Punishment (she was both frightened and disgusted by him and his plan for his Divine Punishment for the surface world). Although she initially shows great anomosity towards Hikaru, she eventually fell for and married him in Stage 47. Her primary attack is "Blue Splash," which acts as either a high powered stream of water or a barrage of exploding geysers. As Blue Magician Legend MagiBlue (レジェンドマジブルー, Ao no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Majiburū), Urara's MagiBolt "Becomes a Water Tornado". In the end of the series, she stays in Magitopia with Hikaru with Magiel still adjusting to her living there.

* Age: 20 Years Old
* Magical Weapons: MagiStick Wand, Magical Holy Staff DialRod
* Special Attacks: Blue Splash, Boiling Water, Smoky Blue Shining Attack, MagiBolt, Fantastic Splash
* Special Ability: Fortune Telling and Prophecy. She can do this via a crystal ball, however she cannot read her own future.
* Spells: Gii Magika


  1. I'm in love with Magi Blue but now she's married Hikaru I still like her, as a friend.

  2. Love that bottom picture...omg I loved that episode.LOL!!!!