Monday, March 30, 2009

Ranger Profile: Maskman Red Mask

Maskman Red Mask

Takeru (タケル, Takeru)/Red Mask (レッドマスク, Reddo Masuku)

The leader of the group. He is a specialist in karate and a Formula 1 driver. He was spotted by Sugata a year prior to the series' starting storyline while rescuing a woman and her child. When he was challenged by Sugata, he did not back down and Sugata offered him a spot on the Maskman team, anticipating the invasion of Tube. His love for Mio and desire to find her is his motivation. He mastered the technique known as "God Hand." He is also revealed to be a brat during the episode when Igam tries to eliminate him back in the past. Near the end of the series, he managed to defeat Baraba singlehandedly out of rage in battle. He eventually reunited with Mio in the end but inevitably split up with her having no other choice.

    * Age: 24 years old
    * Weapons: Masky Blade (マスキーブレード, Masukī Burēdo)
    * Attacks: Laser Arrow (レーザーアロー, Rēzā Arō), Masky Crash (マスキークラッシュ, Masukī Kurasshu)
    * Meditation Gesture: Zai (Opened hands with index finger and thumb together)


  1. ang galimg michael joe idol kita matapang sana maging ganyan ako balang araw magaling tska ipinalalaban ang kaniyang mhal..kahit anung mangyari..sana ibalik ang maskman your the best sentai of all...

  2. i agreed! the best!

  3. wow kakamiss tlaga

  4. sana ibalik para mapanuod ng mga kids natin ngayon. haay! nakakamiss. sarap maging bata.

  5. Alam nyo ba na si Michael Joe ay nakatira na sa pinas at asawa ay pinay