Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ranger Profile: Timeranger TimePink

Timeranger TimePink

Cadet Yuuri (ユウリ, Yūri) / TimePink (タイムピンク, Taimupinku)

A 21 year old Police officer from the 30th century. Since the police were aware of Don Dornero's plan, she posed as a TPD cadet to stop him. She has a grudge against Don Dolnero for sending an assassin who killed her family. She practically leads the Timerangers, since Tatsuya is inexperienced as TimeRed. She is initially cold towards Tatsuya, but eventually warms up to him. Yuuri works as a detective at Tomorrow Research. In the series finale, she confesses to Tatsuya that she loves him, but they could not be together due to the large gap in between their timelines, and thus she returned to her own time and found that due to the time change in the 30th century her family was still alive.

* Vol Weapon: VolSniper (ボルスナイパー, Borusunaipā)
* Attacks: Vector Harden, Vector End: Beat 6 (ベクターエンド・ビート6, Bekutā Endo Bīto Shikkusu)

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