Friday, March 27, 2009

Ranger Profile: Dynaman Dyna Yellow

Dynaman Dyna Yellow

Kousaku Nangou (南郷 耕作, Nangō Kōsaku)/Dyna Yellow (ダイナイエロー, Dainaierō)

A nature lover from Kyushu who dreams to improve plant and farm breeds, aiming to develop new foods and flowers. Although he plays the clown, deep down he is a tender and serious man.

* Age: 20 years old
* Weapons: Chain Crushers (チェーンクラッシャー, Chēn Kurasshā)
* Attacks: Yellow Attack (イエローアタック, Ierō Atakku), Yellow Grand Diving (イエローグランドダイビング, Ierō Gurando Daibingu), Yellow Diving Punch (イエローダイビングパンチ, Ierō Daibingu Panchi)
* Dyna Rod Attack: Yellow Lightning Fall (イエロー雷光落とし, Ierō Raikō Otoshi)

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