Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Go-onger Kegalesia

Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia (害水大臣ケガレシア, Gaisui Daijin Kegareshia)

"The muddied and fetid waters! I am Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia!" (濁り腐った水よ! わらわ、害水大臣ケガレシア ,Nigori kutta mizu yo! Warawa, Gaisui Daijin Kegareshia)

Kagalesia is the human-looking general with a whip who leads Gaiark's sea-based Barbaric Machine Beasts. She has artificial human-like skin that regenerates and shoots steam from the projections on her back armor if she is in a foul mood, and the handle on her head cuts off this leakage. She ends her sentences with "Ojaru", is a heavy drinker, and hates to be called "Old Lady". While under the guise of Rena Kegareshi (汚石 冷奈, Kegareshi Rena), Kegalesia develops a vendetta against Hant due to his falling in love with her guise and calling her loving things, like "pure", which are offensive to members of Gaiark. It was this taboo that she could never fall in love with Nigorl, as his ideas were the opposite of the Gaiark's. While the Go-ongers were trapped in Samurai World, Kegalesia accidentally separates her Kegalesia Soul (ケガレシアソウル ,Kegareshia Sōru) from her body, with her soul set into Bomper by the other Ministers to convert the robot into Bompelesia (ボンパレシア ,Bonpareshia) so they can take adventage of the situation by setting a trap. However, Bomper manages to regain control and ejects the Kegalesia Soul prior to being reinstalled back in her body. She occasionally joined Saki and Miu in the 3-girl idol group G3 Princess, though the second time ended with her enlarging and being knocked into the distance by Engine-Oh G12. When Yogoshimacritein arrives, Kegalesia is reduced to a mere henchman forced to obey him. She is annoyed when Yogoshimacritein uses her and Kitaneidas as human shields against the Go-onger's attacks, seeing him for what he is and his methods not to her liking. As an act of defiance against the dicator, she helps in destroying the Infinite Wastebin before she was heavily damaged by Yogoshimacritein. She gives the location of the Deus Haguru Magear to Go-on Red, Blue, and Yellow before shutting down.

* Due to her nature as a Water Pollution branch member, she can execute Water Pollution Fusion (害水合身 ,Gaisui Gasshin) with any member of the same branch, boosting up their power as a result.
* Her name is a pun on the Japanese word for "to get dirty" (汚れる, kegareru)
* After transforming into her true form as part of the one-time only G3 Princess idol group, Kelgalesia says, "Love me or Regret it!! Kegalesia" (惚れなきゃ後悔!!ケガレシア ,Horenakya Kōkai!! Kegareshia)
* As part of G3 Princess with Go-on Yellow and Silver, she performs Princess Cannonball (プリンセスキャノンボール ,Purinsesu Kyanonbōru?), after performing G3 Triangle (G3トライアングル ,Jī Surī Toraianguru) which passes the ball made by them.

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