Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super Sentai Versus

Versus is a long standing tradition where Super Sentai has been annual team-up films between the current and previous Sentai series. Not only does this allow for a fun mix-up of two groups of heros, the Versus movies also introduce you to Sentai series you previously might not have looked into. The upcoming versus movie is "Go-onger vs. Gekiranger".

Of note - even though they use the word "Versus" in the title, these movies usually are about the groups teaming up.

Also - these movies are somewhat looser in terms of continuity. They don't effect the regular series. Usually it's the previous team that get character development, seeing as this could be their last appearance. For example, "Gekiranger vs Go-onger" sees Bouken Red and Bouken Pink returning from space. That was a conclusion to the series ending of Boukenger, where the pair went off into space.

Certain Sentai series get the honor of celebrating the entire franchises' history. Gaoranger, being the 25th Sentai series to date, got to host a dream team of previous Sentai Characters. Boukenger, celebrating their 30th got the same treatment.

Geki Red alongside Go-on Red
This image is labeled and comes from www.modxtoy.com

All of the Go-ongers and Gekirangers together
This image is labeled and comes from www.modxtoy.com

The girls from Dekaranger and Magiranger

MagiBlue and DekaYellow Captured

DekaRed and MagiRed

Several Past Sentai teams, from a short team-up special

Timeranger's Robotic Owl and GoGo-V's Professor Tatsumi

GoPink and TimePink, dressed up as cowgirls

Timeranger and GoGo-V giant robots

All of the Red Ranger's robots, from Gaoranger vs Super Sentai

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