Friday, April 3, 2009

Gattai Focus: Shinkenger Kajiki Origami

Here's another Gattai Focus about the next Shinkenger Armorment, Kajiki Origami (Sword Fish)

Like Kabuto Origami, I thought this armorment looked silly at first. But based on Kabuto, and how awsome if turned out to be, I decided to give it a chance. And boy am I happy I did. It comes off as an off-beat way to fight, sticking the sword into the head and swinging it around like a fishing pole, but that's the kind of thing Tokusatsu is able to pull off.

I'm looking forward to getting the toy of this as well. I went a head and ordered all three, so I'll tell you if they turn out well.

Anyway - here's some images from that episode, episode 7 of Shinkenger, some other images, and a cool video showing what the toys are like.

Ryunosuke Catching and Using the Kajiki Hiden Disk

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