Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gattai Focus: Shinkenger Tora Origami

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I've been waiting a long while to post about this. Tora Origami - the third and final Armament for Shinken-Oh.

Tora Origami was being control by a villain, but ShinkenRed was able to help it resist and reclaim the lost Origami. Now he can set on Shinken-Oh's head, giving him powerful drills to bust through enemy defenses.

With the arrival of Tora Origami, all three Armament robots can form together to become a flying machine. With Kabuto Origami on the right, Kajiki Origami on the left, and with Tora Origami in the center they can combine to form an ariel assault plane.

I don't know if these three robots can combine all together, at once, on Shinken-Oh. I don't think they can, though. I was hoping they would - but they might not be able to.

Anyway - here are some images of Tora Origami's arrival, and a video showing his combination with Shinken-Oh. Enjoy!!!

This image is labeled as coming from

Here is a video displaying the toy

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