Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kamen Rider Kiva Images

Some of these images came from this site PhychoMODE.(Warning, this site is more suited for adults) I'm not sure which images, so I'm going to give them credit here. Their blog is very good, and I only wish to show some of the images of Kamen Rider Kiva I've collected from this and other sites. (Which, like Super Sentai, are sporadic and hard to find) So please forgive me; it's just very hard to find Kamen Rider images at all.


Anyway - Kamen Rider is like the big brother of Super Sentai. It's a little more adult and takes on much larger story lines. Kamen Rider Kiva simply is the best - absolute BEST - of any Kamen Rider series. One of the key factors that kept me coming back to the series, episode after episode, was it's soap opera-like feel. It follows the life of Wataru and his father Otoya, both in separate concurrent time lines. Otoya, a womanizing violin master, is in 1982 -- and his son, Wataru, is in 2007. Wataru is Kiva, who uses his powers to fight vampire-like monsters called "Fangire". Wataru is actually very withdrawn from life, being a shut-in, but he gradually comes into his own over the course of the series. Many events from the 1982 period have direct effects on the the 2007 period. Both slowly begin to connect over the course of the series, as their the large cast of character begin to intertwine in genius and inspiring ways.

If you like Super Sentai - then I suggest you give Kamen Rider Kiva a try. It's a great series, much akin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not just because of the goth theme, but because of the humor and action that is mixed together. It was simply a genius series which I was sad to see end.

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  1. To be honest, I love Kamen Rider Kiva due to its soap opera style x Kamen Rider done properly.