Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Other Stuff: DC Universe Figures Wave 7

DC Universe Figures - Wave 7

I just received in the mail Wave 7 of the DC Universe figures. Here's my opinion of them,

Blue Beetle - This is an incredible figure, and probably the best version of Ted Kord you could ask for. The figure is built very tight, with good articulation and accurate costume, even down to his transparent goggles. His sound gun is also very cool - coming with a holster for when he's not holding it. Simply the stand out of the whole wave!

Booster Gold - The Greatest Hero You've Never Head Of! Booster is a good solid figure as well. I only have to criticize it because I have better Booster figure (from DC Direct's 52 Line of Figures). In comparison the face isn't as good, skeets is more classic, and his paint job is gold instead of yellow. Those quibbles aside, it's still a very nice figure. Don't let my nit picking stop you from checking it out yourself. (Plus, really, you can't have Blue Beetle without Booster Gold)

Flash - With the return of Barry Allen from the dead, it seems more than appropriate that this figure of the Flash comes out now. This figure only comes with a stand - and isn't necessary to complete the Atom Smasher Build-a-Figure. But this figure is still very worth your time. It's solidly built, legs seem strong (though not pose in mid-air strong) and details like the wings on his boots are present. Only one small quibble - and that's the lighting bolt across his waist and legs. They could have been a little thicker. Otherwise a great figure of the Flash.

Kid Flash - I was pretty surprised by this figure. Not only did it come out great, but they also made him noticeably shorter, to make him younger and not just a Flash figure colored as Kid Flash. Articulation and detail is good.

Captain Cold - The Flash's nemesis. The figure it's self is very good, with nice details around his boots, holster, and everything else. There is, sadly, one big problem -- His cold gun doesn't stay in his hand!!! That's his primary reason for actually being a super-villain - that gun! And his one right hand (only one with a grip) can't hold on to it at all! It's good that you can store it in his holster - but, that's where it might actually stay. Still a good figure - but they really messed up with his weapon.

Big Barda - A Jack Kirby original, from the Fourth World of the New Gods. This is a very rich and colorful figure, but sadly comes lacking in the articulation department. She might have joints in her legs to move, but her armored hip don't allow the legs to move around much at all. She's also not as big as she should be. Against her husband, Scott Free (Mr Miracle) she come off just a little below his hight. She wasn't called "Big" Barda for nothing. Otherwise it's a good figure.

Aquaman - The dreaded blue costume variant. This costume was listed by Wizard as one of the worst costume make-overs. right alongside Electric Red and Blue Superman. I was extremely happy with Wave 2's Aquaman figure, so this seemed like a necessary purchase only because of the Atom Smasher piece. But, what do you know, this figure is great! The blue waves of the costume are bright, vibrant, and artistic. The body of the figure is very strong looking and well built. A total surprise what a good figure this was.

Atom Smasher - In recent issues of the JSA, Atom Smasher just came back and rejoined the team (he was put in the corner for smashing people) . So it's great to see him get the action figure treatment. It's a great figure, well sculpted and made just right. Well worth getting all 6 accompanying figures. The only complaint I might lodge against him is that he isn't as large as other Build-a-Figures. I know, I've been spoiled by Marvel Legends' Galactus, Giant Man, and Apocalypse figures. That doesn't make this figure bad - just not as tall.

Anyway - there's my review of the DC Universe figures.

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