Saturday, April 4, 2009

Other Stuff: Flash Rebirth

Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, is back! I honestly can say I wasn't calling for his return, and if anyone else was handling him return, besides Geoff Johns, I wouldn't be in a favor of his return.

With Johns on board, as my most favorite DC comics writer, I am absolutely excited for this book. Not only did Geoff Johns first Flash run make that book as Must for me, he helped define Flash's world and characters like nothing else. Barry, for example, all ready is feeling like a different Flash than Wally was.

I am very excited for the rest of this series. Like Green Lantern: Rebirth - this feels like it's a story that will set the foundation for Flash's world for years to come. I can only hope, when it goes back to the original series, that Flash reaches to even greater heights. If Green Lantern's book is any indication, it definitely will.

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