Thursday, April 2, 2009

Other Stuff: Gurren Lagann

I found another great Anime - Gurren Lagann! It has this incredible animation style that is crisp, exciting, and bursting with energy. It has some weird characters - but all of them are very cool.

I've only seen the first DVD, so I'm pretty new to it. But I'm definitely going to work and try and see the rest of the series. (I also hear the SciFi Channel is airing episodes on Mondays)

I also went downtown and got an awesome figure of Yoko (the redhead girl from the series). This figure is really incredible. It has so much articulation and style - with a very advanced system of joints. It's a really great figure - even though you have to deal with all the accessories and hands. (With this type of figure I usually just find the ones I like best and stick with them.)

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