Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Dairanger Kameo

Kameo (亀夫, Kameo): A pudgy and strange-looking man who loved turtles and fearful of confrontations, who witnessed the Dairangers transform when they revived Won Tiger. He spoke in a Nagoya accent and with no memory of his previous life. He made a living out of selling illustrations he made and dreamed of writing children's books. And then one day he found a Lai-Lai Jewel that reveals his true nature as Daimugen, resuming his true form when his new friend Kazu was in danger. Using the crystal, Kameo could change into Daimugen at will while yelling "Super Mythical Qi Beast, Daimugen!", but at other times the crystal would cause him to turn into a small turtle.

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  1. I liked Tomite Naruse better as this character than he was as Yellow Owl.