Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Gekiranger Bat Li

Bat Li (バット・リー, Batto Rī, 13-49) is a legendary Fist Sage who is a grand master of the Fierce Beast Bat-Fist (激獣バット拳, Gekijū Battoken) style that while appears to focus on graceful and elegant techniques combined with artistic beauty, actually relies on being in a trance of sorts. He appears as an anthropomorphic bat in Barong attire. Stubborn and eccentric, he considers hanging upside down as a great way to relieve stress. Though he refused at first, Bat Li eventually decides to trains Retsu after witnessing his abilities first hand. It later turned out that long ago he saved a young girl named Hanyon, whom he promised to be with forever. However, he left to master his Fierce Beast-Fist style with intent on keeping Hanyon from harm due to his presence. It was only by modern time that he revealed his reason to the elderly Hanyon so Ken can get the SoZyuTo back from her. His motto is "There is training while under a trance" (忘我の中に修行あり, Bōga no naka ni shugyō ari). His name is based on Jet Li (ジェット・リー, Jetto Rī).

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, "There is training while in a trance. The performance mastering Bat-Fist, Bat Li!" (忘我の中に修行あり。美技を極めるバット拳 バット・リー!, Bōga no naka ni shugyō ari. Bigi o kiwameru Battoken, Batto Rī!).

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