Monday, April 6, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Gekiranger Gorie Yen

Gorie Yen (ゴリー・イェン, Gorī Yen, 19-49) represents the Raging Heart (レイジング・ハート, Reijingu Hāto) of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand master of the Fierce Beast Gorilla-Fist (激獣ゴリラ拳, Gekijū Goriraken) style. As such, he is an anthropomorphic gorilla with a taciturn/collected personality and love for bananas who was originally writing a novel called "The Raging Heart" in New York until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers so they can save Sha-Fu from Rio. Gorie is nicknamed the Wild Wiseman (荒ぶる賢人, Araburu Kenjin), due to his knowledge of the Dark Forest Path and running the Beast-Fist Consultation Office deep within the woods. He is also referred by Jan as "Gorilla" (ゴリラ, Gorira), whom Gorie taught the meaning behind "Heart" in a coin-stacking match, only to win when he questions Jan's reasons to get stronger, scolding him for his incorrect answer. He later was brutally attacked by Rio and forced to reveal the existence of the Beast Origin Village. By the time his book gets published, Gorie plays a part in unlocking Jan's lost memories. Gorie's name is based on Donnie Yen (ドニー・イェン, Donī Yen).

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, "The Wild Wiseman. 'Raging Heart,' Gorie Yen!" (荒ぶる賢人 「レイジング・ハート」 ゴリー・イェン!, Araburu Kenjin. "Reijingu Hāto," Gorī Yen!).

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