Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: GoGo-V Kyoko Hayase

Kyoko Hayase (速瀬 京子 Hayase Kyoko) / Sieg-Jeanne

A shuttle pilot who is Shou's superior. When the GoGo-V rescue her shuttle from a tornado caused by Tornedeus, she is able to recognize Shou's voice on the communications system. This is because the shuttles communications system was on the same frequency that the GoGo-V were using. Afterwards she wanted to join the GoGo-V but could not because Mondo Tatsumi only designed the team for five people. So instead she occasionally aids the GoGo-V in anyway she can and never got in their way. In the GoGo-V Movie she briefly gained the Sieg Tector armor from Sieg before he died. Using the power, she became Sieg-Jeanne, transforming with the call of "Sieg Tector!", armed with the Sieg Blaster. By transferring all the Demon Hunter powers to the Victory Robot, she helped the GoGo-V destroy Golomois. In the finale, Kyoko played an important role. Not only did she confirm that Grandiene was still alive, after noticing her when she went up into orbit in a shuttle, and then reporting it to the GoGo-V after Kyoko had returned to Earth. Later when Mondo sent her to give the GoGo-V the information on where to find the Max Victory Robot Sigma Project, and just after she barely escaped the destruction of BayArea55, Kyoko received the phone call from Ritsuko Tatsumi who had just come out of her coma and was able write down the call back number. Kyoko was able to pass both pieces of information on to Daimon and Matsuri which would be instrumental to the GoGo-V's final victory.

Weapons: Sieg Blaster

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