Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Kakuranger NinjaMan

Kakuranger NinjaMan

NinjaMan (ニンジャマン, Ninjaman, 36-53)

"Partner of Justice, NinjaMan!"

The pupil of the Sanshinshou, who was within a blue pot as punishment a millennium ago for allowing himself to be fooled by Daimaou to attack the humans. Once released by Tsuruhime, NinjaMan becomes an alley to the Kakurangers and comes to their aid when needed. As a ninja master, NinjaMan wields a katana, and had a wide array of Ninja-Arts at his command, including enlargement to aid his mentors in their fights. He can ride on a cloud called the Kintou Cloud. Whenever a Youkai calls him "Blue Squirt" (青二才, Ao Nisai), he gets angry enough to change into SamuraiMan (サムライマン, Samuraiman), who connects his weapon with its sheath to form a powerful javelin. In this state, SamuraiMan creates explosive energy spheres formed from his rage in his ultimate attack, Samurai Rage Bomber. In the finale, after the Youkai are sealed away, NinjaMan is now with his masters and says goodbye to the Kakurangers.

* Weapons: Ninja Sword (ニンジャソード, Ninja Sōdo) / Samurai Javelin (サムライジャベリン, Samurai Jaberin)
* Special Attacks: Samurai Rage Bomber (サムライ激怒ボンバー, Samurai Gekido Bonbā)


  1. At the last picture. What happened to Ninjaman?

  2. I don't know either. That's just one of the images I found of him.

  3. he has hit by the monster Binbogami's "poverty beam."