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Ranger Ally Profile: Magiranger Heavenly Hero Wolzard Fire

Heavenly Hero Wolzard Fire

Isamu Ozu (小津 勇, Ozu Isamu) / Heavenly Hero Wolzard Fire (天空勇者ウルザードファイヤー, Tenkū Yūsha Uruzādo Faiyā)

    "The Ferocious, Raging Fire Element! Heavenly Hero~Wolzard Fire!"

He is Heavenly Saint Blagel (天空聖者ブレイジェル, Tenkū Seija Bureijeru), the ultimate warrior and champion of the Heavenly Saints who wields the power over the Ferocious, Raging Fire Element. He was well-loved by his allies and family and even though he was their greatest enemy, he was respected among the ranks of the Infershia. Blagel took on the human form of Isamu Ozu and married Miyuki but he soon had to leave his family when the Magitopia/Infershia war escalated. Before he left, Isamu had Miyuki promise him not to reveal the truth about their magic to their children unless otherwise the right time came. Once more a Heavenly Saint, Blagel went against Magiel's wishes and battled Infershia directly to protect his family from them.

This act resulted in Blagel sacrificing himself to have Lunagel seal the Hades Gate if he should fail to destroy N Ma before he could enter the human world. But within the Gate, Blagel fought against Beastman Four Kings of Hell and although he managed to do some damage (such as injuring Neries' throat and therefore disabling her singing voice attacks) was severely wounded by Zee the Yeti. When he was sealing N Ma and the rest of the Hades Beastmen, N Ma seeped his darkness into the open wound Zee made, causing Blagel to be transformed into Dark Magic Knight Wolzard, becoming N-Ma's servant while retaining his courage and honor. However, the Incarnation Curse is eventually broken and Blagel regains himself before finishing what he started years ago.

He was thought to have died in stopping N Ma, his last words revealed to the children that their mother, Miyuki, was still alive. He survived by holding N Ma's soul in his body. Dagon confronted him in spirit and tempted him to come out of hiding to help his children when Drake was commencing his Divine Punishment. It wasn't until Dagon raised the stakes by sending Sleipnir to the surface despite not being his time for Divine Punishment, that Wolzard came out of hiding to help his children against both Ultimate Hades Gods. While fighting Sleipnir as WolKaiser, Wolzard was unknowingly struck by Vancuria with one of Dagon's scales, which served as a tracking device for the Hades Gods to find him. Wolzard then dragged himself and Sleipnir back into Infershia where he then went into hiding. Nai and Mea found him and informed Dagon where he was hiding, who then arrived along with Wyvern and Titan to challenge him. Wyvern fought him at first but was wounded in both body and pride. Then Dagon had Titan battle him, who caused his Jagan Shield to break. Dagon then successfully extracted N Ma from him, then disposed of Blagel by opening a fissure beneath him.

Left for dead, Isamu was soon healed by Miyuki and joined his family to fight the Hades Gods in a new red-armored form, Wolzard Fire, by absorbing Wyvern's fire attack and using his newfound power to destroy Wyvern. After that he, along with Miyuki, went to seek counsel from Snowgel, knowing that N Ma's rebirth would bring disaster. He dueled with Kai once again in Stage 48, teaching him his Fatal Blade technique, before he left for Magitopia to confront N Ma in a battle which cost him his life. However, he was soon revived by the Nightmare Sisters to aid his family in destroying N Ma.

    * Magical Weapons: WolSabre & Jagun Shield
    * Special Attacks: Blazing Storm, Raging Storm Slash, Fatal Blade

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