Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Magiranger Smoky the Magical Cat

Smoky the Magical Cat (魔法猫スモーキー, Mahō Neko Sumōkī)

Hikaru's mischievous feline genie who resides in the MagiLamp, which was found in the cave that was Raigel's tomb. He came into being from the volcano in Flagel's domain on Magitopia, causing trouble for the Magitopians with his pranks. He gathered piles of treasures until one day he opened the Annihilation Box. Though Sungel advised him against it, Smoky opened the box and was destroying him. To save him, Sungel sucked him into the MagiLamp. Smoky was spared, but he can't last out of the lamp for more than three hours. Smoky can be released from the curse if he grants the wishes of others, but Smoky prefers to grant only one wish to whoever awakens him from his slumber, and only if he is compensated for his services. When the Ozu gang wished for Infershia to be gone, he denied their request, stating that the power the Infershia wield is greater than his own. He seems to have some limited magical powers as well, such as getting brief glimpses of the future and enlarging himself to help the gang out and by turning food into sand as a prank. Despite being a goof-off, he is a capable fighter and once piloted Travelion (though he usually just shovels the coal). He sees Urara as a mother figure and bickers with Mandora Boy now and then. He seemingly met his demise in Stage 48 protecting Urara as Dagon attacked her, but he was revived by the Nightmare Sisters to help MagiShine for the final fight against N Ma. He returns along with Hikaru in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, befriending Zuban. Sakura from Boukenger identified the MagiLamp as a Precious, even confirming it with the Accelluar showing the Hazard level as 258. She and Satoru attempted to secure as per procedure but was stopped by Smoky and Hikaru. They realized that Smoky is to Hikaru as Zuban is to the Boukengers.

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