Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Magiranger White Magician MagiMother

Magiranger White Magician MagiMother

Miyuki Ozu (小津 深雪, Ozu Miyuki) / White Magician MagiMother (白の魔法使いマジマザー, Shiro no Mahōtsukai Majimazā)

"The Sparkling Ice Element! White Magician ~ MagiMother!"

A strong, gentle, ideal mother, she raised her five children alone after Isamu disappeared. She kept many secrets from them as Isamu had her promise, not the least of which was the truth about Isamu & herself. She is a very caring and sympathetic woman, even showing mercy to the Infershia. During the events of Blagel's sacrfice, Miyuki went to Magitopia to see Magiel, whom she convinced with her courage to give and her children the means to fight Infershia should they return to their world. Since then, Miyuki became a White Mage, a sorceress wielding the power over the Sparkling Ice Element. She wore white armor with a snowflake emblem on her helmet and wand. Miyuki was seemingly killed by Wolzard, but in reality, Wolzard momentary regained his memory as Isamu and faked her death to teleport her away into the Flower Garden of Souls as light, leaving only her MagiStick remaining to have his children believe their mother was killed. She later helped her children in spirit in various events such as when they battled Branken with MagiKing. However, upon the awakening of Infershia's Gods, she was taken by Toad during his soul-search and was brought depths of the Kemono world's Briar Garden in a deep slumber until she was reunited with her children and defeated Toad.

In Stage 48, she attempted to reason with Dagon while Sleipnir was carrying out his divine punishment with her children fight him and Isamu and Hikaru fought N Ma in Magitopia. Dagon captured her and took her to the Kedomono Realm after she and her children were defeated by the two remaining Hades Gods but she was saved when Sphinx and Vancuria came to her aid and Sphinx destroyed Dagon. She returned and aided her family against N Ma in their final battle against him in Stage 49. She now lives with her children and husband in peace in their household.

* Magical Weapon: MagiStick Staff
* Special Attacks: Deep Freeze, Ice Arrows
* Spells: Majuna, Jiruma Majuna, Magika, Gigiru, Magiiro, Giruma Majuna, Maagi Magi Magika, Gii Magiine

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