Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ranger Profile: Battle Fever J Battle Cossack

Battle Fever J Battle Cossack

Kensaku Shiraishi (白石謙作, Shiraishi Kensaku) / Battle Cossack I (バトルコサック初代, Batoru Kosakku Shodai) (1-33)

Good at science as well as war. Wielded twin sais. Did a Cossack dance. He is the original second in command into the team. Left Big Baser without the Battle Cossack uniform and was killed by the Eagle Monster, attempting to save a child from Egos. Loves to play Pachinko and enjoys eating caviar.

Makoto Jin (神誠, Jin Makoto) / Battle Cossack II (バトルコサック二代目, Batoru Kosakku Nidaime) (33-52)

Silent cowboy. A man of action, not words. A scientist who trained in the Defense Ministry along with Kensaku. Joined Battle Fever to avenge the death of his friend. Makoto is an expert marksman. He is a loner, preferring to go off by himself. Makoto plays a trumpet to distract Egos.

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