Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ranger Profile: Battle Fever J Miss America

Battle Fever J Miss America

Diane Martin (ダイアン・マーチン, Daian Māchin) / Miss America I (ミスアメリカ初代, Misu Amerika Shodai) (1-24)

FBI agent who joined the Fever team to avenge her father Bosner, who was slain by Egos. Wielded throwing knives. Did a disco dance. After she was wounded by the Dracula Monster, she returned to the United States. Diane has a sister named Catherine.
María Nagisa (汀マリア, Nagisa Maria) / Miss America II (ミスアメリカ二代目, Misu Amerika Nidaime) (24-52)

FBI agent trained by Diane Martin's father. When Diane is WIA Maria takes her place as Miss America and then stays on permanently when Diane decides to return the United States.

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

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