Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ranger Profile: Bioman Pink Five

Bioman Pink Five

Hikaru Katsuragi (桂木ひかる, Katsuragi Hikaru)/Pink Five (ピンクファイブ, Pinku Faibu)

A 20-year-old carnival flutist. Sweet yet strong, and a mistress of disguise. An unusually strong spirit yet with a strong motherly instinct. She plays the flute both to calm her spirits and to strengthen her resolve. She is able to befriend the evil computer Brain and teach him about friendship, which pays off when Brain sacrifices himself to save the Bioman as well as the world from destruction. She wields the Super Electronic Beamlight (超電子ビームライト, Chōdenshi Bīmuraito), Pink Barrier (ピンクバリヤー, Pinku Bariyā), and Laser Sword (レーザーソード, Rēzā Sōdo). Her special attacks are Pink Flash (ピンクフラッシュ, Pinku Furasshu) and Spin Chop (スピンチョップ, Supin Choppu)


  1. I like more this film serie, now no emite,

  2. i like her so much since childhood shes so beautiful ...