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Ranger Profile: Boukenger BoukenBlack

Boukenger BoukenBlack

Masumi Inou (伊能 真墨, Inō Masumi) / BoukenBlack (ボウケンブラック, Bōkenburakku)

Fast Adventurer (迅き冒険者, Hayaki Bōkensha)

On the reverse side of society, he was able to adopt the title of a treasure hunter with bad teeth from his techniques of searching ruins and excavation, but he's not as good as Satoru. When he was younger, Yaiba of Darkness murdered his excavation group (the members of which were abusive in several ways), and Masumi has been in a pursuit of revenge ever since. He is a rookie member of the Boukenger team along with Natsuki (whom he first met when she had her leg trapped under a heavy rock that left her with amnesia). He acts as a brotherly figure towards her, but soon becomes visibly jealous when he notices that Natsuki is becoming more attached to Satoru and Souta. Masumi has a thing against being referred to by color by Satoru, whom he wants to refer to everyone by name, instead. He has admitted his affection towards Natsuki. Masumi appears to have a disliking towards peas, as he is often seen removing them whenever he eats fried rice.

In Task 1, after taking the Heart of Gordom, he briefly returns his Accellular to Satoru, who in turn threatened him to drop him into red-hot magma for it if he did not accept it again. Eventually, after Masumi's battle with Yaiba, he learns to trust Satoru, since Satoru had believed in him from the start. Even though Souta used to consider him to be a thief, Masumi sometimes calls him an "ex-spy." He refers to Sakura as "Sakura-neesan" (sister) and seems to admire her, yet he also fears her. Masumi is hot-tempered and tends to act irrationally, but he will never give up and will never run away from a fight. Unlike Souta, Masumi fights first and asks questions later. His rebellious nature and anti-hero persona tends to bring him some trouble, but his risky tactics make him a valuable asset to the team. He, as Yaiba had stated, suppresses darkness in his heart and this darkness is freed at the conclusion of Task 45 when he holds the Precious known as the Three Headed Dragon of Darkness. He became infuriated when Nendo-gami mimicked his human form in Task 14; naturally, the fury did not die down until Nendo-gami was terminated. In Task 33 he is kidnapped by the Jaryuu and the Questers to obtain information about Natsuki, revealing to him that she is actually a Lemurian. Feeling responsible for all that happened following this revelation and what happened to Natsuki, Masumi went into her rescue only to see Natsuki with the Questers and disappear. After finally breaking into the Jaryuu's base, in a desperate attempt to get Natsuki out of her trance, Masumi embraces her and yells her to remember who she really was, a Boukenger, and succeeded recovering Natsuki and foiling the Negative's plans. As of Task 46, due to doubts about himself and fears of what he could do to his comrades, Masumi abandoned the team, leaving only his SGS Jacket and Accellular. He returns to the team in Task 48, wielding the Dual Crasher numerous times with Souta, Natsuki, Sakura and Eiji untransformed and without the AccelTector. In task 49 after the final battle between Gajah, Masumi becomes the new Chief of the Boukengers after Satoru retired his BoukenRed commission to explore space for precious. Masumi's treasure was being a Boukenger.

* "Inou" (伊能, Inō) is from the surname of Japanese surveyor and cartographer, Tadataka Inou (伊能 忠敬, Inō Tadataka). He is known as a person who exerted himself for creation the first perfect map of Japanese Islands by modern surveying techniques.
* The second kanji of "Masumi," "sumi" (墨, sumi), means "black ink", which is used in calligraphy.

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