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Ranger Profile: Boukenger BoukenBlue

Boukenger BoukenBlue

Souta Mogami (最上 蒼太, Mogami Sōta) / BoukenBlue (ボウケンブルー, Bōkenburū)

High-Up Adventurer (高き冒険者, Takaki Bōkensha)

A former secret investigator. Called a "spy," he is the information expert of the team. He is also a specialist in personal computers and digital technology. He is a little cocky, as evidenced in Task 1 when he nearly ended up on the terminated list for touching a fake Heart of Gordom, something that Natsuki foresaw, and later, when he hurt his hand punching a Karth in the chest with full force (and discovered the healing factor that the Karths possess). He initially considered Masumi to be a thief (and Masumi sometimes calls him an "ex-spy").

In Task 3 his past as a spy was revealed. Yamatoni Kazuma noted that he and Souta are the same since he used to do various missions to please himself. When Souta realised that his missions caused ever lasting pain to others, he quit being a spy and told Kazuma that they were not the same. Souta is always with a smile and his nature is gentle and polite. Souta's persona as a gentleman brings himself to a fault when he fights against beautiful women — he can't help but go easy on them, especially Shizuka of the Wind (whom he and Sakura fight frequently).

Although Souta says he never hurts anyone, but in truth he had hurt many. In Task 23 this was revealed. In this task, Souta's old spy partner, Yuji Toba, was hired by Gai and Rei to interrogate Souta for the whereabouts of the Precious warehouse. Although Souta fought through Rei's mind read ability at first, Yuji used the memories of Souta during his times as spy to hinder his mind defense. But Yuji in the end helped Souta and the other Boukengers to defeat Gai and Rei's robot by setting off the bomb he placed in the robot. Also, to much relief and annoyance to the Boukengers, the Precious warehouse was a fake.

Souta acts like a brotherly figure to Natsuki, and often considers her feelings even against Satoru's orders. He also has a catchphrase he constantly uses, which is "Sou sou Souta!" ("Sou sou Souta" is a pun off of "Sou sou sou da", which means "Yes, that's right."). After encounter with Shizuka and Gekkou, Souta found his treasure to be his friends.

* "Mogami" (最上, "Mogami") is from the surname of Japanese explorer Tokunai Mogami (最上 徳内, Mogami Tokunai), who exerted himself for Ezo's exploitation (Ezo is the former name of Hokkaidō).
* The first kanji of "Souta," "蒼," can also be read as "ao" (蒼, ao), the Japanese kanji for the color blue.

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