Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ranger Profile: Carranger Pink Racer

Carranger Pink Racer

Youko Yagami (八神 洋子, Yagami Yōko) / Pink Racer (ピンクレーサー, Pinku Rēsā)

She is secretary at Pegasus Garage, calculating the expenses and payroll. Youko is very self-conscious about her weight because she loves to eat sweets, and frequently consults magazine fortune-telling articles to predict her future. She dreams of becoming an idol someday and marrying a rich husband, and has a terrible sense of direction.

* Age: 19 Years Old
* Formula Weapon: Bumper Bow (バンパーボゥ, Banpā Bō?)
* Special attacks: Wheel Spin Kick (ホイルスピンキック, Hoiru Supin Kikku) (Pink Racer rolls along the ground and delivers an upward kick from below the enemy), Wheel Spin Shield (ホイルスピンシールド, Hoiru Supin Shīrudo) (Pink Racer spins in mid-air, creating a shield that deflects enemy attacks), Pink Flying Attack (ピンクフライングアタック, Pinku Furaingu Atakku) (A jumping punch), Pink Giant Swing (ピンクジャイアントスウィング, Pinku Jaianto Suwingu) (Pink Racer grabs her enemy by the legs, swings him in a circle, and tosses him into something hard, like a rock face), Pink Bomb Punch (ピンク爆弾パンチ, Pinku Bakudan Panchi) (A powerful uppercut punch), Bi Blade Returning Wiper (バイブレードおかえしワイパー, Bai Burēdo Okaeshi Waipā) (Pink Racer spins her Bi Blade like a fan, which can deflect projectile attacks)

This image came from the Henshin Grid

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