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Ranger Profile: Dekaranger DekaBlue

Dekaranger DekaBlue

Houji Tomasu (戸増 宝児, Tomasu Hōji) / DekaBlue (デカブルー, Dekaburū)

"Two! Pursue mysterious cases!"(Futatsu! Fushigi na jiken wo otte!)

Nickname, "Hoji" (ホージー, Hōjī). The most professional member of the team and second-in-command, Hoji tends to be arrogant of his skills. He also does not allow his emotions and personal life to interfere with his job as a detective. Prone to blurting out English phrases, his catchphrases are "Perfect!" and "Super cool!", commonly said after finishing a criminal. (He also tends to say "Unbelievable!" at things out of the ordinary, and when shocked or dismayed has yelled "Oh my God!").

He is an excellent sniper with superb accuracy when shooting. He clashed with Ban from the beginning, but it was later revealed that Ban had replaced his commanding officer as DekaRed and Hoji had a hard time accepting it. He hated Ban even further as the latter constantly annoyed him by calling him "aibou", but he soon warmed up to Ban throughout the series, and eventually returned Ban's friendship. The two of them shared noticeable relationship developments, and while they constantly have their fights and squabbles, it is obvious that they do care about each other deep down (refer to Episode 42 and 43). At the end of the series, Hoji finally returns Ban's affection by calling him "aibou."

During the teamup with Magiranger however, Hoji became prominently annoyed and jealous when Ban pronounced Kai (MagiRed) to be his new 'Aibō' and called Hoji 'moto aibō' (ex-partner). He has a younger sister Miwa, whom also tends to speak English phrases at times. She gets married later in the series. His number is 2.

* SPD Weapon: D-Sniper

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