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Ranger Profile: Dekaranger DekaPink

Dekaranger DekaPink

Koume Kodou (胡堂 小梅, Kodō Kōme) / DekaPink (デカピンク, Dekapinku)

"Five! …And with immediate speed, exterminate them!" (Itsutsu! ...ikki ni supeedo taiji!)

Nickname, "Umeko" (ウメコ, Umeko). Umeko rides the Machine Bull with Sen-chan and often is partnered up with him. She tends to be a ditz, but she has a good heart, and can often bring the team together under the most dire of circumstances with her perkiness. She spends every moment she can in a bubble bath with her three rubber ducks, whom she calls Umeyo, Umenosuke, and Umegoro.

While Doggy Kruger is the leader of Earth's DekaRangers, Umeko is the "field leader" (or so she claims in episodes 5, 17, and 31). She is a master of disguise (a trend throughout most Pink Rangers in Sentai). Kruger gave her responsibility for Murphy, who was originally undisciplined to the point she put him into an armbar. However, since then, she and Murphy became close, until Murphy was transferred to Fire Squad and reformatted to become Ban's Battlizer Mode.

Umeko had been dating a man named Hironobu, but was heartbroken when she heard him bragging to Sen-chan about fooling women. Although she was angry at Sen-chan for suspecting Hironobu to be a criminal, she later realizes that she has feelings for him. By Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, she and Sen are together, so to speak; however, Sen had forgotten about their date, and angered her. As a result, she put Sen in a headlock. Her number is 5.

* SPD Weapon: Pink D-Shot

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